Laboratory Product Showcase

The new 700/710 Series of gas pressure regulators is designed for the ultra high-purity and low particulate requirements of processes in semiconductor wafer manufacturing
Generally, equal volumes of stain and blood are mixed together, allowed to stand 5 minutes and slides are made directly
A solids introduction system for ICP and ICP-MS, the Solis-500 permits the analyzes both conducting and
The DS-34 GelCam Camera Kit is a portable imaging system for
Dark Reader is a transilluminator that features zero UV output with no risk of sunburn or eye damage...
The company offers a new brochure for ISOLUTE Array 96-Well Plates.
The GeneLine Series of gel documentation systems offers extremely high speed and economy, and delivers consistent, reliable gel images every time in seconds...
Introduction to LC/MS, SAVANT Audiovisuals' new interactive computer-based training program will be shown for the first time at Pittcon 2001
The SURVIVOR® CW-80 over/under checkweighers is made of industrial-quality 304 stainless steel construction
For a very low cost, you can access our unique database of faculty members to find the most appropriate authority for consultation and to address your technical problem.

The MS6-SV and MS9-SV pharmaceutical pneumatic safety valves feature compact size, soft start functionality, and an advantageous price versus performance ratio.

Millrock's production freeze dryers have achieved the recognition of being the highest performing machines in the industry. Typical shelf freezing and vapor collecting capacities are unmatched. Coupled with this is our easy to use intuitive control system, the Opti-Dry. Our units are fully validatable and built to cGMP guidelines.
Rheodyne's adaptable Loop Filler Ports (Part #7012 and 9012) are used to load sample from syringe needles or luer tips
Standard system measures 37.5"W x 29"D (24"D at top) x 39"H and includes an externally mounted fluorescent illuminator and dual 8" flanges for gloves (order gloves separately).