Laboratory Product Showcase

We are pleased to present the new PIPETGIRL, a limited pink edition of PIPETBOY acu 2. The PIPETGIRL is a symbol of our commitment to support breast cancer research!

Designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the cleanroom

Cytiva’s Whatman regenerated cellulose membrane filters are microporous cellulose acetate filters made without wetting agents. RC60 offers low extractables and wide compatibility in both organic and aqueous media.

The new ST-PLUS Semi-automatic Surface Tensiometer from Tantec, Inc. offers advanced, microprocessor based measurement using either the Wilhelmy Plate or DuNouy Ring Methods
The Elatest® determines the density of polymers, in particular of rubber and unvulcanized rubber compounds - a dimension of great importance for rubber processing during recipe development and for continuous production control.
Designed to quickly and effectively measure moisture content.
The AULA 254 ASD. Automatic Mercury Analyzer with sample digestion is used for fully automatic determination of mercury traces in aqueous samples...
This solid wall tubing is available in specified inside diameter (or wall thickness) and
With the Microprojector from Ken-A-Vision, any slide that is used on a microscope
Unique compact totalizer designed primarily for mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers.
IDRAC is the world's most complete, up-to-date and reliable database - compiling the regulatory texts that shape the pharmaceutical market.
Lab Safety Training was created in PowerPoint and provides coverage of

At Festo, low-cost standard pneumatics take the place of complicated special designs, because nearly all our standard series products comply with the defined quality standards and are suitable for use in ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean rooms.

The CHI900 Scanning Electrochemical Microscope consists of a digital function generator, a bipotentiostat, high resolution data acquisition circuitry, a three dimensional micropositioner, an Inchworm motor controller, and sample and cell holder.