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Software For Signal Analysis And Processing: AutoSignal® Software For Signal Analysis And Processing: AutoSignal®
AutoSignal® is the first and only program that completely automates the process of analyzing signals. Save precious time by eliminating the programming time normally required for performing sophisticated signal analysis.
Purifiers and Filters Purifiers and Filters
Waferpure NF3 is a new family of purifiers and filters designed with the manufacturer’s patented, Gas-specific Wafer Purifier Reactive Micro Matrix purification media
Thermogravimetric Analyzer Thermogravimetric Analyzer
The Model TG 209-IRIS thermogravimetric analyzer with C-DTA capability is designed for coupling to Bruker FTIR systems and mass spectrometers for evolved gas analysis
Moisture/Solids Analyzer Moisture/Solids Analyzer
The SMART System5 provides automated microwave moisture/solids analysis
AvaSpec FAST Series - Ultra-fast Spectrometers for Laser and Other High Speed Applications AvaSpec FAST Series - Ultra-fast Spectrometers for Laser and Other High Speed Applications
Avantes is pleased to announce the release of the new AvaSpec Fast series spectrometers for high speed applications such as pulsed laser applications in the UV/VIS and NIR (200-1100 nm). FAST refers to acquisition time of the instrument series as it is designed to optimize the speed of the spectral acquisition or integration time.
C.W. Brabender® Elatest® C.W. Brabender® Elatest®
The Elatest® determines the density of polymers, in particular of rubber and unvulcanized rubber compounds - a dimension of great importance for rubber processing during recipe development and for continuous production control.
PITTCON 2001: GC Columns PITTCON 2001: GC Columns
The company offers five new specialty columns. The Rtx-SolGel Wax is a low-bleed, water-resistant column for GC analysis of solvents and chemicals with high thermal
ADP3 Top Loading Balances ADP3 Top Loading Balances
The ADP has many user functions including parts counting, percentage weighing, and high low limits
Phase Separator Papers Phase Separator Papers
This special paper separates aqueous from organic phases. The grade 480 is impregnated with a stabilized silicon, thus rendering it hydrophobic. It retains water and allows solvents to flow through.
Bulk Powder Weighing Hood Bulk Powder Weighing Hood
This bulk powder weighing hood provides containment and
Model 225 Model 225
The Model 225 NOVA VUV Monochromator can be used in any attitude and has with the exception of the grating table all moving parts external. It features 1.0 meter focal
Natural Extracts Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Natural Extracts Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Synthesizing research from a wide variety of sources, this work offers a convenient guide to a clean, safe, inexpensive, non-toxic, non-polluting solvent that performs better than most conventional solvents.
Micro-Ultra-Low-Temperature-Storage-Unit: Catalog #478-16 Micro-Ultra-Low-Temperature-Storage-Unit: Catalog #478-16
Rheodyne® Rotor Seals and Stators Rheodyne® Rotor Seals and Stators
The rotor seal is the polymeric disc that makes a high pressure seal against the stator. The seal wears with use and is one of the only parts that may need routine replacement...
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