Laboratory Product Showcase

GreenLight™ Model 910 is a simple low medium through-put test that provides total aerobic viable counts(TVC's or APC's) of food samples by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption and equating oxygen comsumption to microbial load.

One of the world's best-selling range of water baths, Grant SUB products provide good temperature stability for a wide range of routine laboratory applications.
The GR Series Mass Flow Meters & Controllers utilize a Thermal Sensor Technology to measure and control mass flow directly
Barnant Company announces availability of a new 24-page catalog, detailing an expanded line of products from its Gilmont Instruments division

The cell culture flask CELLine is a disposable bioreactor based on two-compartment technology. It allows to cultivate cells at highest densities (107-108 cells/ml) and to express proteins at high concentrations

Glass coated wire is available as standard with the following dimensions
A&D HF320
The HP 5970 GC/MS System includes HP 5970 MS with Heated Ion Source, Heated Transfer Line, Ion Gauge, 10-800 amu Range, Turbo Pump, Mechanical Pump, and Y2K Compliant with Smart Card II.
Whether you need to print bar codes, text, graphic images, or from databases, LABELVIEW has the features to help you design and print labels with ease
Ahlstrom Paper Group’s Polyshield Fluid Barrier is a super absorbent, pure cellulose paper with an impermeable polyethylene backing that absorbs splatters and spills...
The Royal SensaGrip Latex-Free Disposable Purple Nitrile Gloves are ultra-sensitive and are available in five sizes...
Until now, the only way for design engineers to increase shaft loads on precision gearheads was to specify expensive ball bearings to replace cheap sintered bearings.
Matheson Transportables are designed to hold both pure gases and gas mixtures, with increased portability and tremendous cost savings
Bedford, MA -- Millipore Corporation announced the first products in its line of Montage Life Science Kits. Montage Genomics Kits, which provide all necessary reagents and disposable materials needed