Laboratory Product Showcase

The ACQUITY UPLC Bisphenol A Method Kit is fully compliant with ASTM Method D7574-09. As described in this method, the ACQUITY solution provides optimum resolution and sensitivity for the analysis of Bisphenol A in water.
The FOCUS PEEM offers real-time surface imaging with an ultimate resolution below 20nm

A better preservation promise. NuAire laboratory freezers provide excellent temperature uniformity, significantly reducing sample loss and reducing maintenance. Through customizable features and ergonomic design, we can help you store your research in confidence.

Systec's Vacuum Degassing System is a high-efficiency in-line module that removes dissolved gasses from HPLC mobile phases. Its unique design assures reliable continuous operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing
Rice Lake sets the industry standard with a 4-day turnaround on new masses, calibrations, and recalibrations. NIST Class F weights may be ordered individually or in sets
The MultiPROBE II EX robotic liquid handling system is a flexible instrument with two modules capable of automating a variety of applications utilized in molecular biology...
The MC1 rheometer measures viscosity as a function of rate, time, stress, or temperature for

All NuAire FumeGard Fume Hood Cabinets are virtually metal free. Constructed from primarily stress relieved, fully seam-welded, and reinforced white polypropylene for demanding high corrosive applications. All fume hoods are independently test to Federal Stand

The ChemGARD and ChemGARD-RI fume hoods use continuous a flow bypass design, which is
LCD digital temperature readout is highly visible and accurate displaying °C scale in tenths of a degree
Capillary PEEK™ tubing features all the benefits of larger PEEK tubing while offering an excellent alternative to fused silica and stainless steel
This Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respirator Assembly is pre-assembled and requires no maintenance.
Rheodyne manufactures an array of automated fluidic platforms for OEMs. Most fluidic platforms are multi-functional and are solutions for a variety of different applications.
The Prospekt-2 high-speed sample clean up couples to LC, LC-MS, or GC systems...