Laboratory Product Showcase

The TC-series of multi-channel controllers are designed to provide simultaneous operation of multiple TE-cooled devices such as separate LEDs/lasers and photodeterctors.
PSS now offers a NEW Zeta Potential instrument for the field of colloidal chemistry
The Focht ChamberSystem 2 (FCS2) is a closed system, live-cell micro-observation chamber, that offers several advantages over other chambers
The newly designed Eco-Funnel in four inch diameter along with the standard eight inch diameter. The new design incorporates all the benefits of the original patented Eco-Funnel for reducing emission and exposure of chemicals
Freeman Technology's Aeration Control Module allows the measurement of the flowability of aerated powders. The bulk properties of all powders are affected by the presence of entrained air, as it fills the spaces between the particles, or in the case of cohesive powders, is incorporated into agglomerates of fine particles.
Self-adjusting to any port depth regardless of column manufacturer
The FGA 311 in situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter has a compact design that incorporates the electronics and the oxygen probe in one weatherproof or explosion-proof package
4-Hydroxy-5-nitrophenylacetyl hapten, conjugated to sepharose via six carbon spacer. Sepharose bead structure: 90 µm; 4 % agarose...
Upchurch Scientific now extrudes tubing out of Radel R polymer. Radel R (polyphenylsulfone) is a mechanically strong and chemically resistant material, much like PEEK™...
Remanufacturing can greatly extend the operating life of your equipment. As an original equipment manufacturer, Hull has the necessary in-house resources to re-engineer, upgrade and remanufacture freeze dryers, freezers, sterilizers, and vacuum and pressure vessels...
We have the capacity to scale up to 22 liter reactors with Mechanical and Magnetic drive agitators and internal cooling coils
Self-contained modular cooling systems simplify ambient cooling. In these devices, cooling components have been
The Brabender® Amylograph - which has been the standard instrument worldwide for measuring the gelatinization characteristics and enzyme activity of flour - has been completely revised and now appears with a completely new, compact design.
The company is introducing CHIRIS Phases, a new line of stationary phases for chiral separations in analytical and preparative scale