Laboratory Product Showcase

In transit or storage, Marken ensures that your pharmaceuticals, biologicals, medical devices, and diagnostic equipment stay within proper temperature ranges at all times. Our temperature-monitoring services provide you with the assurance of knowing your product’s integrity is never jeopardized.

The combinational chemistry products and services are designed to act as building blocks for the chemistry market...
The MF75 series of filter units feature a new ergonomic design. Their tapered sides and "grip dimples" make the filter units and
Small but highly functional, the Grant bio PMR-30 fixed angle platform rocker provides a smooth rocking motion for gentle sample agitation. Designed to meet the challenge of workspace restrictions, the PMR-30 rocker is compact, with a low profile and small footprint, fitting neatly into the smallest workspace.
CODESOFT label design software gives you the power to design and print labels with ease and flexibility
Stability Study Manager is designed to manage the storage and shelf life studies that are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries
Environmental Health and Engineering provides environmental health and safety (EH&S) services to many biotechnology and research lab facilities

The miVac DNA is an ideal small concentrator for the molecular biology laboratory. This centrifugal concentrator is capable of removing low volumes of water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, vials, and round bottom flasks.

The LimsLink Validation Toolkit is a software package that ensures the integrity of data transfer by providing ongoing Installation and Operational Qualification of LimsLink
The new multi-range conductivity or TDS meter with ATC is easy to use without compromising accuracy and reliability

The SC300 series consists of the SC301 Stationary Device, and the SC308 & SC320. The SC301 Stationary Device is intended for use by Electronic Retailers for monitoring electronic retail boxes.

Multiskan - Microplate Photometer
The AFS Analyzer Feed System has been designed to turn ordinary tap water into pure water that meets or
The new PCR homogenizer kits include everything needed to homogenize samples...