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NU-5100 Purecell Under-Counter CO2 Incubator NU-5100 Purecell Under-Counter CO2 Incubator

The Purecell 5100 Under Counter CO2 Incubator is perfect for small cell culture laboratory or clinical applications. The Purecell 5100 offers the fastest CO2 recovery time after a door opening in its class.

PITTCON 2001: Maintenance and Start-Up Kits PITTCON 2001: Maintenance and Start-Up Kits
Start-up kits contain everything that you need to get your Agilent GC up and running
Upchurch Scientific<sup>®</sup> FlushNut<sup>™</sup> Fittings for Tight Spaces Upchurch Scientific® FlushNut Fittings for Tight Spaces
For injector valve ports and all those tight spaces where nut heads can get in each other’s way . . .
Residual Gas Analyzer Residual Gas Analyzer
The QualiTorr Orion Compact Residual Gas Analysis System features a small footprint for base pressure RGA, leak detecting, and high vacuum process monitoring
DOE Simplified (text) DOE Simplified (text)
Filled with fun anecdotes and sidebars, DOE Simplified presents a fresh and lively approach to learning the fundamentals of DOE.
PITTCON 2001: SPE Columns PITTCON 2001: SPE Columns
J-Clean PDVB (polydivinylbenzene) SPE tubes consist of high purity, 100% polydivinylbenzene resin in a J-Clean syringe barrel format with .5 micron frits
Encoders Encoders
MicroMo offers a variety of high resolution integral encoders with quadrature signal output for combination with the FAULHABER DC-Micromotors, Brushless motor, ARSAPE stepper motor and ENGEL high power DC motors. They are designed for indication and control of shaft velocity, direction of rotation, and shaft position...
Tube Rack Storage Tube Rack Storage
The Falcon Tube Rack Storage System allows users to access an individual 1.4 ml polypropylene tube so an entire rack need not be thawed to retrieve one sample...
Labware Integration System Labware Integration System
FirstMate turns ordinary labware into a simple and efficient parallel synthesis system that runs more syntheses in the same amount of time without fundamentally changing the way the user works...
Executive Management Communication
DI understands the necessity of bringing product to market on time, while simultaneously meeting product cost targets
Furnace Information Furnace Information
Series 3110 Tube/3210 Split Tube Laboratory Furnaces—available with various arrangements and mounting—Length
Champ II Bench Scale Champ II Bench Scale
The company has responded to the growing demand for easy-to-use industrial scales with the Champ II Bench/Portable Scale.
Moisture/Solids Analyzer Moisture/Solids Analyzer
The SMART System5 provides automated microwave moisture/solids analysis
Catalog of Supplies and Services Catalog of Supplies and Services
The Production Supplies and Services Catalog offers over 9,000 products to protect people, products, and processes in cleanrooms, controlled environments, and production areas...
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