Laboratory Product Showcase

The miVac Duo Pump is suitable for use with a volatile organic solvents through to water, where as the miVac Quattro Pump is also suitable for use with some higher boiling point solvents. Both pumps have high flow rates to ensure the fastest possible concentration rate.

WinFIRST software is the standard Microsoft Windows based FTIR software package that controls your Mattson FTIR spectrometer and gives you exceptional analysis capabilities.
Caframo's BDC stirrers handle high volume / high viscosity stirring as easily as dispersing and homogenizing
Our microscopy laboratory conducts morphological and microchemical analysis of everything from raw materials to finished products such as glass
We have recently introduced a new Portaspec bench top model capable of performing multi-element sequential analysis in the range of Ti through U
The Interscience BagMixer is a solid sample preparation system that blends sample materials with a stomach-like action

Life science labs are confronted with a growing need to process more samples in parallel without jeopardizing the quality of their results. At a certain point it becomes impossible to keep up the pace using traditional multichannel pipettes.

FTS Vapor traps are mechanically refrigerated cold traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump.

Pressure sensors and vacuum switches for controlling all pressure values: programmable and as a modular product.

The 9700 Series circulators have a temperature range from –45°C to 200°C with a 13 liter reservoir and a
Installation requires no modification to the microscope other than removal of the fine focus knob and replacement of a back plate or base plate, depending on the particular microscope
The CentriVap Centrifugal Concentration System has been designed for use with acid, aqueous or solvent-based applications such as pharmaceutical and
The CELL-DYN 1200 hematology system uses focused flow impedance to provide a complete 18-parameter CBC that
There are several epoxy formulations available that include a general purpose mix, 12% and 50% silicon dioxide filled systems