Laboratory Product Showcase

Our Gas Humidifier delivers saturated gas at a fixed temperature in the manufacturing of Semiconductor Wafers

Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes provide a leak-tight environment to perform work with contamination-sensitive materials under vacuum or in an inert environment

The NM32LA Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring nitrogen for their LCMS application.

Marken offers unmatched access to a global network of strategically located, purpose-built pharmaceutical service depots and a full suite of custom-tailored services.

The Ro-tap offers 285 horizontal revolutions and 156 taps per minute motion as specified for certain ASTM and other special sieving applications worldwide
The basic steps of compounding can be perfectly realized with co-rotating twin screw extruders -- making modular co-rotating twin screw extruders the ideal companion for plastics from synthesis up to recycling.
A special aircraft organised only to transport your consignment to the final destination with maximum time priority, safely and reliably.
The TrackWise by Sparta Systems IT Process Management Software assists companies foster quality and increase return on investment of IT operations by improving IT processes.
In today's busy water testing laboratory, quick turnaround time of samples is important in controlling waste treatment operations
"PSIYCLONE" BAC DNA Isolation Kits provide high quality, high purity BAC DNA using a simple spin column procedure.
The company offers high energy Hollow Cathode Lamps for worldwide markets
This remarkable new camera from Syncroscopy is probably the only camera you’ll ever need for your microscopy lab.
The DropIn sinks are characterized by the rounding of all corners and the gentle sloping of the bottom of the sink to the corner outlet
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