Laboratory Product Showcase

The Rice Lake QB Series features counting & checkweighing mode, 12 units of measure, automatic zero tracking, and much more
The VanGuard 1200ECM Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes feature both transmitted and incident illumination
The VanGuard 1200MM Metallurgical Microscopes feature both transmitted and incident illuminationand are perfect
The Model 7750E and Model 9750E are high pressure, high duty cycle fluidic platforms for manufacturers of scientific instruments
The company’s die sets are produced with hardened aerospace grade stainless steel
The Preiser/Frico Rotary Sample Divider (RSD) provides fast, accurate, and convenient sub-division of coal, minerals, ash, and other granular samples and enables individual requirements for throughput rate, nominal sample top size, and division ratio to be met.
The EH35 is an economical high removal 35 gallon per day RO unit that is compact in size for situations that require less space and the benefit of being portable
An easy-clean enclosure designed for versatile configurations. These chambers eliminate particle influx when exposed to negative pressure.

FLAMEBOY is a handy, mobile flame sterilisator with piezo-electric ignition for safe sterilization. The size of the smooth flame is adjustable.

The Cyclograph Radial Separator uses centrifugal force to produce thin layer, radial
The AQUATRAC-3E is a moisture meter for use with solid products in granular form and is designed to meet requirements of the plastic processing industry. It detects water content down to 0.0005%. It is robust and portable thus being suitable for shop floor use. As the principle of operation is an absolute chemical method, no calibration is required for each different substance tested.
In-line ionizers are designed to allow the user to control the velocity of ionized gas to the work area by regulation of the source pressure.
We manufacture a variety of haptens and hapten-carrier conjugates for immunological research applications, including ELISA, immunization, antibody production, lymphocyte activation, affinity chromatography
Upchurch Scientific LuerTight Fittings were designed for low pressure 1/16" or 1/8" OD semiridgid polymer tubing connections without barbs or nuts.