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NM32LA Nitrogen Generator NM32LA Nitrogen Generator
The NM32LA Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring nitrogen for their LCMS application.
Research Spectrometer Research Spectrometer
The FT-IR spectrometer has plug and play beamsplitters, detectors and sources, which permit the instrument to be used across the near-, mid-, and far-infrared
Liquent Xtent™
Liquent Xtent is content middleware that instantly converts business information assets into formats that can be more widely used and more easily distributed.
Amsco® Century® Medium Steam Sterilizers 26 x 37.5 Amsco® Century® Medium Steam Sterilizers 26 x 37.5

This sterilizer is offered in a Prevacuum configuration and is designed for fast, efficient sterilization of heat- and moisture-stable materials in scientific applications. Prevacuum configuration sterilizers are equipped with prevacuum, gravity, liquid, leak test, and daily air removal (Bowie-Dick) test cycles.

Contract R&D Services
This company provides research services related to organic synthesis for
Chemiluminescence Measurement Device Chemiluminescence Measurement Device
The CL400 ChemiLume is an instrument that rapidly and accurately evaluates the oxidative stability of materials by measuring chemiluminescence
AvaSpec FAST Series - Ultra-fast Spectrometers for Laser and Other High Speed Applications AvaSpec FAST Series - Ultra-fast Spectrometers for Laser and Other High Speed Applications
Avantes is pleased to announce the release of the new AvaSpec Fast series spectrometers for high speed applications such as pulsed laser applications in the UV/VIS and NIR (200-1100 nm). FAST refers to acquisition time of the instrument series as it is designed to optimize the speed of the spectral acquisition or integration time.
Microscope Microscope
The model LT Scanning Tunneling Microscope has proven atomic resolution performance on metals at 5 K in UHV
CBVP-P/CBVP-I Surface Tensiometers CBVP-P/CBVP-I Surface Tensiometers
The proven instrument for measuring surface tension quickly (15-30sec.)
007-CW Polyethylene glycol-PEG 007-CW Polyethylene glycol-PEG
007-CW and BTR-CW are the Quadrex designations for an ethylene glycol/siloxane copolymer
Diluters and Dispensers Diluters and Dispensers
The MICROLAB 500 instruments are diluters and dispensers that use positive displacement to provide fluid aspirations
Upchurch Scientific<sup>®</sup> NanoTight<sup>™</sup> Sleeves and Kits Upchurch Scientific® NanoTight Sleeves and Kits
Upchurch Scientific NanoTight Sleeves and Kits are designed to connect 70µm - 1mm OD capillary tubing to any standard 10-32 coned port normally intended for 1/16" OD tubing...
A Class Mechanical Testers A Class Mechanical Testers
Offering unprecedented accuracy for very small specimen testing
Polarizers Polarizers
REFLEXAnalytical offers the largest selection of UV-visible, near infrared, mid-infrared
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