Laboratory Product Showcase

The Continuµm infrared microscope provides fluorescence illumination, which eliminates the need for a separate optical microscope in applications involving fluorescent compounds, as well as increase video image performance...
This is a new generation hemispherical energy analyzer with a multimode
Texwipe Sterile 70% Ethanol (TX3291), blended from USP grade ethyl alcohol and deionized water, is filtered through a 0.22 micron filter, double-bagged, and terminally sterilized by gamma radiation
White aluminum walls and ceiling, stainless steel floor
Avante’s AvaGigE is a USB to Ethernet converter device which enables our entire line of Avaspec USB controlled spectrometers to plug into the Ethernet.
Dissolved gases and bubbles in system liquids cause dispense volume anomalies in many instruments; negatively affecting both dispense precision and analytical accuracy
Chemir/Polytech provides unique analytical services for the pharmaceutical industry.
Economical protection for your analytical column
Ahlstrom manufactures a complete line of high purity, 100% cotton fiber papers for use in chromatography, electrophoresis and blotting applications...
Qorpak's Green Teflon lined caps provide a wide range of chemical compatibility and temperature tolerances
The SensIRTM Technologies DuraSamplIRTM is an advanced Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance (HATR) accessory for commercial FT-IR
The Uniflow Walk-In Fume Hood features a molded, one-piece seamless liner with coved corners for ease-of-cleaning...

The TL-200 has two loading platforms (the TL-100 has one), so that two trays are loaded simultaneously. Once the trays are full, the operator replaces one of the loaded trays with an empty one and the machine immediately resumes loading that tray. The operator then replaces the other loaded tray with an empty one. When in place, the machine will resume loading both trays. The process is seamless; there is no additional work to be done or buttons to be depressed by the operator. Once a tray is full, the loading process stops and a yellow light and audible signal indicate that the tray can be replaced.

Why pay up to $40 in hazardous material charges for your inorganic standards, in addition to normal shipping charges, when you can buy ULTRA's EnviroConcentrate Kits