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25 mm Syringe Filters 25 mm Syringe Filters

25 mm syringe filters are available in absolute rated 0.2 µm and 0.4 µm in PES or PVDF membranes.

DOE Simplified (text) DOE Simplified (text)
Filled with fun anecdotes and sidebars, DOE Simplified presents a fresh and lively approach to learning the fundamentals of DOE.
Acid Storage And Laboratory Countertops Acid Storage And Laboratory Countertops

NuAire ProGard Polypropylene casework delivers NO RUST dependability.

PITTCON 2001: GC Columns PITTCON 2001: GC Columns
The company offers five new specialty columns. The Rtx-SolGel Wax is a low-bleed, water-resistant column for GC analysis of solvents and chemicals with high thermal
MPPI-2 Pressure Injector MPPI-2 Pressure Injector
MPPI-2 Pressure Injector
Defect Inspection Tool
The new AIT III tool is designed to provide high-throughput darkfield inspection with the increased sensitivity needed to capture extremely small defects and defect types that result from the transition to 0.13 µm and smaller design rules and dual damascene processing
Filters and Accessories Filters and Accessories
The company offers a large assortment of filters, adapter rings and threads, as well as extension and focusing tubes to maintain optimum imaging performance with high quality lenses
VanGuard 1200CMI Inverted Microscopes VanGuard 1200CMI Inverted Microscopes
The VanGuard 1200CMI Inverted Microscopes are ideal for observation of cultures or specimens
Therapeutic Supply Chain Therapeutic Supply Chain

At the heart of Marken’s therapeutic supply chain is a network of strategically located, purpose-built depots. We currently support trials at over 49,000 investigator sites around the globe.

Solution Tubes Solution Tubes
SuperClear Sustainable Solution tubes eliminate most common problems associated with
VanGuard 1200ECM Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes VanGuard 1200ECM Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes
The VanGuard 1200ECM Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes feature both transmitted and incident illumination
Freezemobile Freeze Dryers Freezemobile Freeze Dryers

The Freezemobile Large Capacity Freeze Dryer is available with condenser capacities of 25 or 35 Liters. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53, -70 and -85C are available to allow configuration for a variety of solvents. A wide array of manifolds are available including stainless steel and acrylic, tree or drum manifolds, heated or unheated shelves with bulk or stoppering.

Upchurch Scientific<sup>®</sup> Metric Fittings and Tubing Upchurch Scientific® Metric Fittings and Tubing
The Upchurch Scientific includes metric Teflon® FEP Tubing in 1,2,3 and 4mm ODs, with IDs ranging from .5mm to 3mm, plus fittings for trouble-free connections.
Viscosity Measurements Viscosity Measurements
State-of-the-art viscosity measurements
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