Laboratory Product Showcase

Rice Lake sets the industry standard with a 4-day turnaround on new masses, calibrations, and recalibrations. Our laboratory weights and precision mass standards conform to ASTM Class 0 through Class 7
The TDSTestr 30 and TDSTestr 40 are microprocessor based pocket sized conductivity and total dissolved
The Shodex model RI-101 is an all-new refractive index detector with several enhancements and improvements that make this the easiest detector to use yet
Frame Grabber Boards
BIOIDENT Technologies Inc., a leading company in the development of printed semiconductor-based photonic lab-on-a-chip solutions for life sciences, today announced it has opened its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif
TSI FMS system is an advanced, reliable and user-friendly monitoring software suite that has a true open architecture supporting multiple instrument inputs from any manufacturer.
The Model GL115 has the same useful features as the Model GL110 with the added bonus of a larger sink basin
The 6000 Series Copper Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers are available in eight models of various sizes and have been enhanced with several proprietary manufacturing changes, resulting in performance improvement
SENTINEL Print Pack S/4 is an event driven, high performance print management tool designed to process enterprise wide label and form printing data, regardless of format. It enables host applications to print to any designated printer anywhere in the enterprise.
The multiple probe solvent delivery system reduces the amount of time required for washing, resulting in rapid overall synthesis...
Until now, the only way for design engineers to increase shaft loads on precision gearheads was to specify expensive ball bearings to replace cheap sintered bearings.
Increase your ROI and decrease cycle optimization time with SMART Freeze-Dryer technology. SMART helps eliminates the trial-and-error approach normally involved in developing new lyophilization cycles allowing researchers more time to work on formulation strategies.
UniSlide Assemblies are lead screw/electric motor driven slide assemblies
Terra's Softwall Modular Cleanrooms provide an economical, versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in semiconductor, medical device, and many other industries.