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Access to faculty technical consultants
For a very low cost, you can access our unique database of faculty members to find the most appropriate authority for consultation and to address your technical problem.
Assay Workstations: Tablet Processing (TPW3) & API (APW3) Assay Workstations: Tablet Processing (TPW3) & API (APW3)
The Zymark TPW3 and APW3 automates sample preparation and analysis for tablets, capsules, blends, creams, lotions, medical devices and suspensions for content uniformity and stability assay testing required in the Pharmaceutical Formulation and Quality Control Labs.
Ø12mm Miniature Stepper Motor Ø12mm Miniature Stepper Motor
MicroMo Electronics, Inc. has announced the expansion of its miniature stepper motor product line with the addition of its Series ADM1220S. The miniature stepper motor has an external motor-diameter of only 12 mm and a length of 17.2 mm
UV/Vis Spectrometers
All models in the new Lambda Series of UV/Vis spectrometers are double beam instruments with very low noise and nominal stray-light, operating under full UV WinLab software
100% PEEK Frits 100% PEEK Frits
Inert, biocompatible, and metal-free
Disposeable Storage Tube Carriers Disposeable Storage Tube Carriers
These Disposeable Storage Tube Carriers bind together 1.4mL ScreenMates or 2-D bar-coded TrakMates for easy placement in a snap or latch rack.
New Sampling Accessories for NIR Analyzer New Sampling Accessories for NIR Analyzer
These sampling accessories are designed for LabSpec Pro portable near infrared analyzer...
Near-Infrared Composition Meter Near-Infrared Composition Meter
The KJT270 is a simple-to-use device allows the user to measure the various chemical components of virtually any liquid or solid, without product preparation or degradation.
Homology Search Accelerator Homology Search Accelerator
BioXL/P is a hardware accelerator for homology searches
Atlas Archival Brochure Atlas Archival Brochure
Thermo LabSystems has published a four page brochure on its new integrated archival and database functionality for its award-winning Atlas Chromatography Data System
Our BIOPURE range meets the latest standards and provides point-of-use purified water for small bench-top autoclaves, washer disinfectors to large or multiple automated washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors.
Corrosion Cell Kit Corrosion Cell Kit
The Corrosion Cell Kit (CCK) features a design based on a standard glass reaction flask...
Purification System Purification System
Purelab Classic Systems produce up to 1.5 liters per minute of 18.2 megohm-cm water for a variety of
Drug Discovery Conference
The World’s Drug Discovery Meeting Place is a drug discovery conference that still has a limited number of
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