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New Catalog New Catalog
A new catalog is available from SCP SCIENCE outlining the MAT Family of Certified Reference Materials
MB200 Moisture Analyzer MB200 Moisture Analyzer
Designed to quickly and effectively measure moisture content.
Nikon Nikon
Nikon, known for its excellence in cameras
Porosity Characterization Chart
Whether your business involves water desalination and purification, pharmaceutical purification and separation, wastewater treatment, fuel and oil filtration, or another area of filtration, it is essential to accurately characterize filtration media and complete filter cartridges
Floor Model Shell Bath Freezer Floor Model Shell Bath Freezer

The Freezemobile Shell Bath, a floor model shell bath available in a -75C configuration, helps to decrease manifold freeze drying time. The FSB rotates the flask on its axis thereby coating the interior surface of the flask with frozen product. 

Bulk Powder Weighing Hood Bulk Powder Weighing Hood
This bulk powder weighing hood provides containment and
Septra® CB Module
The Septra® CB Module is Pall’s newest addition to their growing line of innovative AriaSM water treatment systems
Model 3491, Vacuum Line Regulator, Single Stage Model 3491, Vacuum Line Regulator, Single Stage
An economical line regulator for vacuum applications.
300-19-Perkin Elmer Spray Chamber 300-19-Perkin Elmer Spray Chamber
This cyclonic, quartz made spray chamber is for use with any Optima style ICPs since there is many modifications from the original
Die Sets Die Sets
The company’s die sets are produced with hardened aerospace grade stainless steel
Cell Environment System Cell Environment System
The Caco-2 assay system is a single use, integrated cell environment...
Air LiHa (Air Displacement Pipetting Arm)  Air LiHa (Air Displacement Pipetting Arm)

The Air LiHa uses air displacement technology to provide rapid, high quality pipetting for Freedom EVO 100, 150 or 200 platforms. The Air LiHa is factory tested to ensure high quality air displacement pipetting and to achieve excellent assay results. 

Getinge 833LS Steam Sterilizer Getinge 833LS Steam Sterilizer
Getinge's 833LS Steam Sterilizer represents the ultimate refinement in the floor loading concept, featuring large capacity chambers, user-friendly display screens and intuitive controls
Sulfur Analyzer Sulfur Analyzer
The 5504 Sulfur Specific Analyzer (SSA 5504) is designed for natural and LP gas odorant; refinery, petrochemical, and chemical gas; and specialty gas applications
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