Laboratory Product Showcase

The Pharmagard PR797 is a positive pressure recirculating barrier isolator that meets the specifications of USP Standard 797 for the preparation of sterile products.

Total load control, system rigidity, and state-of-the-art data acquisition are all standard on the RTM Twister.
Bowser-Morner's Mechanical Laboratory conducts a variety of mechanical and metallurgical testing services
The NM32LA Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific’s proven solution for customers requiring nitrogen for their LCMS application.
The newly designed Eco-Funnel in four inch diameter along with the standard eight inch diameter. The new design incorporates all the benefits of the original patented Eco-Funnel for reducing emission and exposure of chemicals
Eichrom takes the lead with chromatographic products used in the analysis of actinide elements
IN-SPEC COLOR standards have been formulated for use with all calorimeters/spectrophotometers

The compact valve manifold for low-cost, general use.

The company offers extended sizes of its Apo-Rodagon-N high resolution enlarging lenses
Sapphire Engineering manufactures to-specification flow cells for HPLC detectors and other applications — all 100 percent tested. We will also provide tubing and fittings for each assembly if requested
We will manufacture ferrules to your exact size and shape requirements

One of the most significant developments in separations science in the past decade has been the introduction of Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography, known as UPLC®.

This family of durable, reliable balances delivers the performance and precision you’d expect to find only in premium-priced balances.
The RoughDeck™ Rough-n-Ready System features a heavy-duty industrial design, rugged diamond safety treadplate deck, Rigid structural steel channel frame, and much more