Laboratory Product Showcase

The company's SelectPRO programmable valve systems allow you to increase lab productivity

The highest shear rotor/stator design is the new Ross MegaShear rotor/stator mixer...

The CIS series closed ion gas analyzers offer 1 ppm detection limit for all gases and direct sampling at mTorr pressure
A wide range of sizes and two barrel panel styles allow you to achieve optimum solution transfer and current density for plating a variety of smaller loads
Data collection and communication with your instruments is controlled from within your Excel worksheet by the Collect XL™ floating toolbar.
Models CS6C, CS6X and CS8C
Amino Modifier C6 dT CPG incorporates a functionalized primary amine on the 3’ terminus of the target oligonucleotide...
CODESOFT for R/3 software provides you with an easy, cost-efficient method for converting a label design file into a data format that uses SAPscript to print labels directly from R/3
Alternating column regeneration using two matched columns can increase sample throughput by equilibrating one column while the other column is separating the sample
This low cost vacuum furnace operates at temperatures up to 1500°C and is capable of heating small samples to core temperature in minutes by inserting the sample into the constant temperature hot zone
These high pressure valves feature high speed switching and constant volume or
Maybridge is a leading producer of high-quality innovative organic compounds for drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries. These compounds are particularly suitable for Screening Programmes and Hit Generation and Combinatorial Chemistry and Hit Optimisation
The flexibility of a Remspec fiber-optic system is available with an included FTIR spectrometer, or as an add-on accessory if you already own a spectrometer
The MagicChem 600 Fluoride system from Labtronics Inc uses an XYZ sampler, dilutor, flow-through electrode, ion meter and software to automate standard fluoride (ISE) analysis.