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820i HMI Digital Weight Indicator 820i HMI Digital Weight Indicator
The 820i revolutionizes basic instrumentation programming, allowing for more affordable serviceability and programming support. Featuring an intuitive interface, the 820i allows users to automate formula selection, batch start up, data recall, or any frequently used process with the push of a button
Laboratory Software
This system has been specifically designed for routine testing and trouble shooting in
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Products Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Products

At Festo, low-cost standard pneumatics take the place of complicated special designs, because nearly all our standard series products comply with the defined quality standards and are suitable for use in ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean rooms.

Frit-in-a-Ferruleā„¢ Filters Frit-in-a-Ferruleā„¢ Filters
Now you can filter at any point in your system where 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing is used in a flat-bottom 1/4-28, M6 or 5/16-24 connection...
Production Lyophilizers / Freeze Dryers Production Lyophilizers / Freeze Dryers
Hull designs, manufactures, installs, and services cGMP vacuum freeze drying equipment for the reliable lyophilization of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech products.
Getinge 833LS Steam Sterilizer Getinge 833LS Steam Sterilizer
Getinge's 833LS Steam Sterilizer represents the ultimate refinement in the floor loading concept, featuring large capacity chambers, user-friendly display screens and intuitive controls
XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer
The XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer features a selector switch on the front panel
Chromex's Raman 2000 785nm Chromex's Raman 2000 785nm
The Raman 2000 Series is a high sensitivity instrument, designed to give the user the maximum in system flexibility
High-Pressure, High-Temperature Probes High-Pressure, High-Temperature Probes
An exciting new development at Remspec is the launch of our high-temperature, high-pressure probe assembly
Storage Cabinet with Drawers Storage Cabinet with Drawers
Electromagnetic Field Radiation Monitors Electromagnetic Field Radiation Monitors
The ELF Series Field Monitors are low cost, portable, handheld instruments designed and calibrated to measure low level electromagnetic field radiation in the ELF (5Hz to 2kHz) and the VLF (2kHz to 400kHz) frequency ranges.
Blood Bank Products Catalog Blood Bank Products Catalog
The blood bank products catalog features blood bank refrigerators, freezers, and accessories that offer a wide selection, cooling capacity, accurate temperature control, alarm monitoring, inventory management, and reliability for critical storage requirements...
FLIR Optics FLIR Optics
REFLEXAnalytical is a fabricator of forward looking infrared (FLIR) optics
Model 86-129 Mortuary Rack Model 86-129 Mortuary Rack
The 86-129 MORTUARY RACK was specifically designed to handle large quantity body storage in less area than the conventional cantilever storage systems
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