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PITTCON 2001: Programmable LC Valve Systems
The company's SelectPRO programmable valve systems allow you to increase lab productivity
Duo And Quattro Pumps Duo And Quattro Pumps

The miVac Duo Pump is suitable for use with a volatile organic solvents through to water, where as the miVac Quattro Pump is also suitable for use with some higher boiling point solvents. Both pumps have high flow rates to ensure the fastest possible concentration rate.

Midi-Vap 2000 Distillation Systems  Midi-Vap 2000 Distillation Systems
A 4-page flyer lists glassware and manifold heater systems designed to support semi-automated methods for the determination of ammonia, cyanide and/or phenols in environmental samples
Photo Printer Photo Printer
This digital photo printer attaches directly to the USB port on a computer and develops a
Luminometer Luminometer
The TD20/20 Luminometer has the following features
Conductivity Meter Conductivity Meter
The Microcon Conductivity Meter is intended for low-level conductivity measurements in water
Spe-ed SPE Spe-ed SPE
Features of the Solid Phase Extraction Product Line
Acid Storage And Laboratory Countertops Acid Storage And Laboratory Countertops

NuAire ProGard Polypropylene casework delivers NO RUST dependability.

Model 2500 CVAFS Mercury Detector Model 2500 CVAFS Mercury Detector
Features of the Model 2500 CVAFS Mercury Detector
9700 Series Circulators 9700 Series Circulators
Ultra-low cooling capability, large 13 liter reservoir, and integral over-temperature and low-liquid level protection combine to make PolyScience 9700 Series Circulators ideal for a wide range of demanding applications...
Scientech SA-80 Scientech SA-80
Scientech is an innovator of high quality, precision weighing for over 30 years
Automated Hydroburst Tester Automated Hydroburst Tester
Advanced Pressure Products is pleased to announce the release of a completely automated Windows based hydroburst tester that is fast, accurate, and reliable.
BIOIDENT Technologies To Deliver Optoelectronic Lab-On-A-Chip Solutions For Mobile Diagnostics And Analysis
BIOIDENT Technologies Inc., a leading company in the development of printed semiconductor-based photonic lab-on-a-chip solutions for life sciences, today announced it has opened its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif
Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse
HairCheck-DT, AML’s premier hair analysis for drugs of abuse can detect drug use for the past 90 days. Traditional urine drug testing can only detect use in the past 72 hours.
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