Maybridge is a leading producer of high-quality innovative organic compounds for drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries. These compounds are particularly suitable for Screening Programmes and Hit Generation and Combinatorial Chemistry and Hit Optimisation

The ULTA™ family of normal flow filtration products is specifically designed to support a wide range of biopharmaceutical liquid filtration applications.

The VP-DSC is a differential scanning calorimetry system that can be used for the optimization of
The Open Architecture Lab Automation Software that brings unprecedented control, productivity and versatility to your lab process


  • Alverno Laboratories Launches Into The Era Of AI-Powered Pathology With Ibex Medical Analytics

    Alverno Laboratories, a provider of high-quality diagnostic testing services and one of the largest integrated laboratory networks in the United States, and Ibex Medical Analytics, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cancer diagnostics, today announced the launch of the Ibex’s AI platform in routine practice within Alverno’s laboratory network in Illinois and Indiana.