Laboratory Product Showcase

  1. Certified Reference Materials
    SCP SCIENCE announces EnviroMAT and AgroMAT Certified Reference Materials
  2. MetaMorph® Imaging System
    A powerful and affordable integration of software and hardware
  3. Spectro Titan
    The SPECTRO TITAN combines the features of a robust, easy-to-use bench-top XRF analyser with the qualities of a lab-grade spectrometer for QC need and R&D applications.<
  4. 1/16" OD 316 Stainless Steel Tubing
    This 1/16" OD 316 Stainless Steel tubing is put through numerous cleaning processes to ensure you are using the highest quality tubing on the market
  5. Sample Master Pro
    Sample Master Pro is a three tier, client/server application that utilizes Microsoft Access
  6. Laboratory Automation Systems

    The tissue factory at the Fraunhofer Institute is a worldwide unique system for the fully automatic in-vitro production of human skin models.

  7. Rubber Casters
    These thermoplastic rubber casters are resistant to chemicals, oils and acids, and were designed for use in
  8. Model 600022 Immersion Dissecting Table
    The Immersion Dissecting Table is designed with a submersion chamber and a built-in cadaver tray which can raised for dissection and lowered for storage
  9. Epoxy Formulations
    There are several epoxy formulations available that include a general purpose mix, 12% and 50% silicon dioxide filled systems
  10. Sonntag Fatigue Testers
    Sonntag Fatigue Testers provide reliable fatigue test data for design engineering without the need for complex