Laboratory Product Showcase

  1. Voice Storage Chip
    Information Storage Devices, Inc. (ISD) introduced the ISD5008, a single-chip fully-integrated voice storage solution designed for digital cellular handsets
  2. Temperature and Humidity Chambers
    These temperature and humidity chambers are available with a light package option that meets the
  3. Signal Monitoring Dashboard (SMD) Solution

    The BIOIVIA Signal Monitoring Dashboard (SMD) solution is a purpose-built validation-ready environment that satisfies requirements for Continued Process Verification (CPV), process robustness and process performance visibility needs across local operations and global manufacturing networks that include Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO’s). Automated alerts driven by a sophisticated and flexible rules engine provide review-by-exception for efficient Process and Product Monitoring (PPM) that includes direct connections to process and quality databases as well as CFR 21 Part 11-compliant capture of paper based data.

  4. PlasmaFORM ICP-MS Cones
    SCP SCIENCE announces the PlasmaFORM line of ICP-MS sampler and skimmer cones
  5. PITTCON 2001: Sulfur Analyzer
    The company is offering a new Automatic Sulfur Analyzer that incorporates advanced features for data storage and transfer, remote diagnostics and PC control
  6. PITTCON 2001: Handheld Thermologr Thermistor Thermometer
    Barnant continues to expand its line of handheld temperature monitoring instruments with the ThermoLogR Thermistor Thermometer
  7. Chemistry: An Industry-Based Introduction with CD-ROM
    What a great idea - an introductory chemistry text that connects you to the workplace of practicing chemists and chemical technicians! Tying chemistry fundamentals to the reality of industrial life, Chemistry: An Industry-Based Introduction with CD-ROM covers all the basic principles of chemistry including formulas and names, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, solutions, and more.
  8. HPLC Columns
    Discovery HPLC columns for pharmaceutical analysis and purification are available in two varieties
  9. Instrument Maintenance and Calibration Tracking
    An enhanced version of the Instrument Maintenance and Calibration option for Matrix Plus LIMS is now available
  10. Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering
    Advanced mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering is an essential critical process when defining a successful implementation path during the product development cycle