Laboratory Product Showcase

  1. Merlin Series Chillers
    The Merlin Series of chillers are a compact portable line of refrigerated recirculators ranging in cooling capacity from 810 watts to 5045 watts
  2. PCR Cycle Plates
    The Ultraflux PCR Cycle Plates are 100% pure virgin polypropylene and are certified DNA, Rnase, and Dnase-free. They are available non-sterile or radiation sterilized...
  3. Precision Power Source
    The Gamma model PPMT unit incorporates a linear sinusoidal oscillator operation at a frequency greater than 300KHz, ensuring low ripple and RFI free operation.
  4. Vacuum Pumps
    Laboport and REG vacuum pumps are compact, portable, and are low-maintenance with no air, water or
  5. VUV-20 Visible Absorbance Monitor
    Introducing the VUV-20, one of the most versatile, reliable
  6. Heating Mantle
    The Premier heating mantle can increase the safety and convenience of your lab, while making laboratory heating more efficient and convenient
  7. Allure PFP Propyl HPLC Column Provides Improved LC/MS Analyses of Basic Compounds
    Restek's Applications Note on the Allure PFP Propyl column describes how basic compounds
  8. Eclipse One Step Test for E. coli O157:H7 for Food
    Eichrom’s Eclipse™ One Step Test for E. coli O157:H7 detection utilizing ATROSphere™ technology is designed for enhanced specificity for the :H7 species
  9. 5’-DMT-T(C6 Amino)-Suc-CPG (5'-DMT-T(Hexyl-NH-TFA)-Suc-CPG); 500 Å
    Amino Modifier C6 dT CPG incorporates a functionalized primary amine on the 3’ terminus of the target oligonucleotide
  10. Optical System for Advance Imaging
    The new CF160 Infinity Optical System is designed to accommodate the advanced imaging requirements of today’s fabs