The MicroCryoProbe series accommodate small sample amount applications in biology, natural products and metabolism...
The PC-Titrate System will automatically deliver up to eight different titratnts using a single buret drive.

The ULTA™ family of normal flow filtration products is specifically designed to support a wide range of biopharmaceutical liquid filtration applications.

Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM)is a variation of Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM)that produces sub-surface capacitance measurements


  • AcornMed Selects Twist Bioscience Technology To Power Next Generation Precision Medicine Tests

    AcornMed Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (AcornMed), a precision medicine organization that specializes in the testing and analysis of solid and blood tumors, announced today that they will incorporate Twist Bioscience next generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment and library preparation panels into AcornMed’s portfolio of tests designed to provide insight into the genetic predisposition and treatment regimens for patients, providing a more targeted therapeutic approach.