Latest Headlines

  1. Cell Lines & Media For Difficult To Culture Tumor Types

    AMSBIO has introduced a new range of cancer cell line models and culture media for the most difficult to culture tumor types where no models may exist.

  2. Electromed, Inc. To Distribute Aerobika OPEP Device

    Electromed, Inc. recently announced entry into an agreement with Monaghan Medical Corporation to distribute and sell the Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Device in the United States homecare market

  3. Masimo Announces Recent Study Monitoring Methemoglobin Levels During Administration Of Inhaled Nitric Oxide

    Masimo announced recently the findings of a recent study conducted on children admitted to a Ugandan hospital with fever and malaria, in which Masimo’s noninvasive measurement SpMet was used to monitor methemoglobin (MetHb) levels

  4. Syros’ Drug Discovery Research In Immuno-Oncology Highlighted At UCSD Moores Cancer Center Symposium

    Syros Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of medicines to control the expression of disease-driving genes, recently announced that its collaborator, Andrew Lowy, M.D., Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of California San Diego Moores Cancer Center, presented Syros’ drug discovery research in immuno-oncology at the Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium

  5. GB HealthWatch Launches GBinsight Genetic Testing And Analysis To Dissect The Genetic Basis Of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease And Obesity

    GB HealthWatch, a digital health and nutritional genomics company, announces the launch of GBinsight, one of the most advanced next-generation DNA sequencing-based genetic testing and analyses available for complex diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, dyslipidemias and obesity.

  6. VetStem Biopharma, Inc., Announces The Opening Of Its GMP Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility

    VetStem Biopharma, Inc., announced the opening of its GMP cell therapy manufacturing facility at its headquarters laboratory in Poway, California. Based upon 12 years of knowledge gained by following GTP laboratory guidelines and utilizing the experience of both in-house personnel and consultants, VetStem constructed and validated a state-of-the-art GMP stem cell manufacturing plant

  7. High Throughput Chemistry In Microwave Vials

    Asynt has announced new inserts for its DrySyn heating blocks enabling scientists to now conduct precise temperature controlled, stirred experiments in 0.5-2ml tapered, 2-5ml and 10-20ml microwave vials

  8. Evotec AG: 'LAB282' Awarded First Projects

    Evotec AG is pleased to announce that LAB282, the £ 13M (over EUR 15 m) drug discovery partnership with Oxford University, has made its first wave of awards, backing projects targeting cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases

  9. Greenway Health Announces New Care Coordination Services

    Greenway Health, a health information technology and services provider dedicated to delivering innovations that keep patients and practices healthier and happier, recently announced the launch of Greenway Care Coordination Services in partnership with MD Revolution

  10. Anton Paar Launches The Litesizer™ 100: Particle Analysis Just Got Even Simpler

    Since last year, the Litesizer™ 500 has been shedding light on particle systems by using light scattering. The Litesizer™ family is now set to expand with its newest member: the Litesizer™ 100. The ingeniously simple software and the key advances in particle-size measurements of the Litesizer™ 500 are now presented in a simplified version, which is the Litesizer™ 100.