Product Showcase

  1. Regenerated Cellulose Membrane Filter Circles

    GE’s Whatman regenerated cellulose membrane filters are microporous cellulose acetate filters made without wetting agents. RC60 offers low extractables and wide compatibility in both organic and aqueous media.

  2. Whatman GD/X Syringe Filters

    GE’s Whatman GD/X sterile syringe filter is designed to support filtration of viscous, hard-to-filter samples with high solids content.

  3. Vivaflow® Crossflow Cassettes

    Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration & Concentration Devices for Samples up to 5 l
    Vivaflow® crossflow devices are ideal for concentration and diafiltration of aqueous samples with volumes ranging from 100 ml to 5 l in your research lab. Achieve concentrations of more than 100-fold with the easiest and most cost efficient crossflow system in the market.

  4. Biologics / Large Molecule Analytical Services

    Leading Analytical Scientists with Advanced Instrumentation.

  5. R&D Freeze Dryer

    The LyoCapsule Freeze Dryer is a lyophilization instrument that delivers results comparable to larger R&D freeze dryers enabling a Quality by Design (QbD) approach to cycle development even when materials are highly expensive or limited in quantity.

  6. Large Capacity Freeze Dryer

    The Freezemobile Large Capacity Freeze Dryer is available with condenser capacities of 25 or 35 Liters. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53, -70 and -85C are available to allow configuration for a variety of solvents. A wide array of manifolds are available including stainless steel and acrylic, tree or drum manifolds, heated or unheated shelves with bulk or stoppering.

  7. Laboratory Operations Managed Services

    In today’s ever-changing business environment, many organizations are struggling to find ways to effectively scale laboratory operations and improve overall business agility and efficiency to stay competitive. Are you feeling like your laboratory operations budget is growing out of control and taking more and more resources away from your core business? Astrix Managed Services for laboratory software remove the hassle of managing your own laboratory devices and informatics systems, allowing you to scale your business more effectively – we tailor the level of service to your needs, and you only pay for what you use.

  8. Laboratory Technology Selection Services

    Choosing the right system to modernize and upgrade your laboratory operating environment can be a daunting task. Given the number of different solutions on the market, most companies simply do not have personnel with enough knowledge about the different options to make an effective decision in this area. At Astrix, we make it our business to stay current on all relevant trends and products in the laboratory informatics industry.

  9. Scientific and Technical Staffing Services

    For over two decades, Astrix has been a trusted provider of world-class scientific staffing services across numerous industries such as life science, biotech, food and beverage, environmental, industrial and more.

  10. Professional Informatics Consulting Services

    Astrix is a leader in the field of scientific informatics and laboratory operations and has successfully demonstrated the use of industry wide best practices in the evaluation of work processes, functional and technical requirements, laboratory processes and informatics solution options. Our innovative solutions allow organizations to deploy systems that turn data into knowledge, increase organizational efficiency, improve quality and facilitate regulatory compliance. We have a group of professionals that are dedicated to the laboratory industry that bring together technical, strategic and content knowledge that enables our organization to provide the most effective solutions to problems faced by scientific organizations.