Product Showcase

  1. Vial Washer for Compounding Pharmacies, RW-250

    Washing vials by hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With cGMP issues increasing in Pharma, PennTech has designed and manufactured the perfect aseptic solution to help keep Compounding Pharmacies USP and cGMP Compliant.

  2. Vial Washer

    The RW-800 is a medium-speed automatic vial washer for pharmaceutical and biotech applications with an output of up to 200 vials/minute (2 ml). The RW-800 is a compact machine with a footprint of 90 cm x 130 cm (36” x 51”) and a vial range of 2 to 250 ml.

  3. Pharmaceutical Vial Washer, RW-500

    The RW-500 is the industries smallest automatic vial washer and is designed for low output  pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The output is 40-100 vials/min, dependent on the vial format. Typical batch size: 10,000-25,000 vials. Vial range 2-100 ml (change parts required). Rotary infeed table with automatic loading of the vials into the vial holders. Options include:  Recycling of WFI, intermittent spraying and automatic lid lift mechanism. Changeover time: 20min.

  4. Pharmaceutical External Vial Washer, EVW-300

    The EVW-300 includes all the features of the EVW-200. In addition, a detergent can be added to the recycled water.  The detergent circuit consists of a detergent tank, a peristaltic pump to inject the detergent into the recycled water flow at any ratio. The required detergent/water ratio is part of the recipe of each product.

  5. Pharmaceutical Sterilization Tunnel Loader

    The TP-1 is compact tunnel loader suitable for sterilizing tunnels with a belt width of up to 600mm. The TP-1 accommodates the full range of pharmaceutical vials, from 2-100ml, without change parts. Even small unstable 2ml vials are gently loaded onto the tunnel belt without tipping over. The TP-1 allows full access to the tunnel infeed area.

  6. Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling and Stoppering Equipment

    PennTech offers a state-of-the-art aseptic filling machines. The machines is designed specifically for low to medium speed pharmaceutical, biotech and animal health filling and rubber stopper inserting applications.

  7. Freeze Drying Loading and Unloading Equipment

    PennTechs customized Automatic Loading/Unloading Systems can be installed as part of a new freeze dryer installation and as retrofit with almost all existing freeze dryers.

  8. Bench Top Freeze Dryer

    The VirTis BenchTop Pro freeze dryers have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding research laboratories. Each system can be configured to meet present and future needs. Condenser refrigeration packages of -55°C, -75°C, -85°C and -105°C can meet the demands of both aqueous or aqueous-solvent based formulations.

  9. Versatile Evaporator for Lab & Batch Processing Tasks

    The Rocket Synergy can dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each containing a maximum of 450ml of solvent, or 18 ASE® vials, with no user intervention or attention. 

  10. VIAFLO Handheld Microplate Processing

    Life science labs are confronted with a growing need to process more samples in parallel without jeopardizing the quality of their results. At a certain point it becomes impossible to keep up the pace using traditional multichannel pipettes.