Product Showcase

  1. Media Preparation – Fast, Reproducible and Safe

    The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle preparation of 1 – 30 L culture medium. Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure during the sterilization process guarantee constant high quality.

  2. Pipette Calibration Moisture Trap

    The "quick check" is based on the free entry of up to 9 repetitions.  The method "according to ISO 8655" requires 10 pipettings or 3 x 10 pipettings for variable pipettes. After entering of the pipette data as well as the climate data temperature and air pressure (to determine the Z factor), the Q-App guides the user through each calibration process step.

  3. Apps for Your Laboratory Balance - Cubis Individual Q-Apps

    No more PCs in the lab – let Cubis® individual take over for you.

  4. Balance Weighing a Fume Hood: Q-Grid

    Enhance Weighing Reliability in Areas You Never Thought Possible

  5. Laboratory Label Printer: YDP30

    YDP30, the premium printer from Sartorius, is a space-saving, user-friendly label printer that allows you to document the results of your work quickly, clearly and effortlessly. Whether using regular paper, continuous label rolls or formatted labels (optional), you can archive your data in the format that works best for you, regardless of whether it is calibration results for your balance as part of inspection and testing equipment monitoring or detailed application results.

  6. Sanitary Conveyors & Accumulation Tables

    PennTech manufactures an array of standard and custom sanitary conveyors and accumulation tables, including transfer disks. All systems are of the highest quality, completely customizable and direct driven (zero maintenance).

  7. High Speed Pharma Vial Washer: RW1150

    The RW-1150 is a high speed  automatic vial washer for pharmaceutical and biotech applications with an output of up to 400 vials/min (2ml). Vial range 2-500ml. (change parts requires). Standard features include:  Recycling of WFI, intermittent spraying and automatic lid lift mechanism.

  8. External Vial Washer with In-Line Decontamination: EVW-100

    The EVW-Series is the industries’ only in-line decontamination system to completely encapsulate vial caps with a watertight seal. This allows for increased washing pressures for thorough cleaning; the entire vial body including the bottom is exposed to the water jets. Compressed air is used to dry the vials before discharge drying jets. The EVW series is controlled by an Allen /Bradley or Siemens PLC/HMI (customer choice). The set-up is recipe-driven with automatic height setting to accommodate containers from 2ml to 500 ml. Output up to 300 vials per minute. 13 mm and 20mm caps can be processed on the machine without the need for change parts. The changeover takes 5 minute and is tool-less; just exchange the infeed and outfeed timing screws.  The piping for washing and drying as well as the electrical control system is housed in the base of the machine.

  9. TP-4 Sterilization Tunnel Loader

    The TP-4 row-by-row tunnel loader is designed for tunnels with belts over 600mm wide.  The benefit of the TP-4 is that the tunnel belt movement can be synchronized with the TP-4 movement at vial format level. This results in an optimum tunnel loading pattern without gaps in the vial pack. This in turn contributes to an even heat distribution in the sterilizing chamber of the tunnel. The TP-4 is PLC-controlled so that the loading speed and travel distance are automatically set per vial format.

  10. Plastic Wrap Removal; Vial Loading System

    PennTech provides a system to quickly remove the plastic wrap from vial-bricks. The system is designed for all brick formats and can be adjusted without tools.