Product Showcase

  1. Supplier Management Software

    Supplier Management Software Systems by MasterControl Automates Supplier Management and Supplier Compliance in FDA and Other Manufacturing Environments.

  2. Quality Management Software

    Using a Quality Management Software System for Automating Paper-Based Quality Management Processes for Companies that Comply with FDA Regulations and that Follow ISO Quality Standards.

  3. Faster Drying Of Deep Well Microplates

    Genevac’s new generation heat transfer plates for centrifugal evaporators enable almost any deep well plate to be dried up to 50% faster than previously possible.

  4. 4 MP Deep Cooled CCD Camera with Wide Field of View: SPOT Xplorer

    Spot Imaging’s XplorerTM deep cooled CCD cameras are available in a monochrome version and a slider version. The monochrome model is well suited for wide field fluorescence microscopy, gel documentation, bioluminescence, immunofluorescence, and 3D deconvolution. Its slider counterpart provides both monochrome and color images and is ideal for the same applications, but also for FISH and GFP imaging.

  5. Low Light Scientific CCD Camera: SPOT RT3

    These low light scientific CCD Cameras are available in monochrome, color, and slider models (which provides monochrome and color imaging), and are ideal for brightfield and fluorescence imaging, FISH, GFP imaging, polarized light, immunofluorescence, and 3D deconvolution in laboratory settings.

  6. Color CMOS USB Camera: SPOT Idea

    These digital microscope CMOS cameras come in 1.3, 3.0, and 5.0 megapixel resolution versions. They feature high speed readout, 12-bit image capture, Correct Color Technology for vivid color enhancement, an external trigger output, and more.

  7. Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

    These high resolution CCD Cameras feature Flex shifting technology, allowing for greater flexibility in resolution adjustments for a variety of microscopy applications in life science, clinical, and materials research labs. Color and monochrome versions are available, depending on your needs.

  8. Freeze Dryers

    SP Scientific has assembled the leading names in lyophilization to offer a full line of premier freeze-drying systems

  9. miVac Quattro Sample Concentrator

    The miVac Quattro is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to water.

  10. miVac SpeedTrap™ Frost Free Cold Trap

    miVac SpeedTrap™ is a unique frost free cold trap for a wide variety of solvents from volatile organic to water.