Featured Laboratory Articles & Applications

  1. Living Heart Human Model: Cardiovascular Stent Deployment And Cardiac Cycle Tech Brief

    The SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model provides a unique testing environment where a stent can be deployed virtually in coronary arteries and deformed mechanically during the cardiac cycle. Once the mechanical deformation results are obtained, the long-term durability of the stent can be assessed. The virtual nature of the test provides a physiologically accurate methodology to test new and existing devices without exposing patients to unnecessary risk.

  2. Extending Implantable Stent Life With Living Heart Models

    Admedes, a leading stent manufacturer, was looking for ways to extend the lifespan of their implantable Nitinol stents, heart valve frames, and similar cardiovascular repair components. Simulating the implantation of devices within Dassault Systèmes’ Living Heart model, engineers used Abaqus FEA to identify stress areas and potential failure points of Nitinol structures, then optimized the topology of the components using Tosca Structure.

  3. Modeling Hemodynamics With Abaqus/CFD Steady State Solver: FDA Benchmark Nozzle Model

    Understanding the blood flow dynamics (hemodynamics) and the fluid forces exerted on the blood by implantable medical devices and predicting blood damage is an intricate part of interventional medical device design. This white paper aims to assess the performance of Abaqus/CFD in modeling hemodynamics using the FDA Benchmark Nozzle model.

  4. Regenerated Cellulose In HPLC Filters

    Broad compatibility increases lab consistency.

  5. Selecting Your Lateral Flow Device Components

    Understand the important factors you need to consider when selecting lateral flow device (LFD) components to design an LFD to fit your needs.

  6. Improving Compliance And Manufacturing Efficiency In Life Sciences

    Current market conditions such as regulations and mergers or acquisitions make improving compliance and manufacturing efficiency while driving to grow revenue and margins difficult. 

  7. Are You Under-Using And Under-Investing In Your Most Valuable Resource?

    Larger pharma organization have evolved into hierarchical silos due to a combination of legacy organizational structures, mergers and acquisitions, and lack of a holisitic approach to innovation.

  8. Advancing Heart Simulation To Save Lives

    Dassault Systemes has brought together a multidisciplinary team of experts to collaborate on breakthrough technology with the Living Heart Project for improved products and treatments for cardiovascular disease. The project’s first output is the Living Heart Model (LHM), a realistic 3D computational model of the human heart. This case study discusses the Living Heart Project and the plans for further developments and clinical applications rising from its efforts.

  9. Heart Simulations Used To Improve Stent Implantations

    In response to a patient’s unique problems with a failure of a previous stent implant, researchers at University College London Institute of Cardiovascular Science used Dassault Systemes’ SIMULIA Abaqus, in combination with patient image data, to create personalized, virtual models of the patient’s anatomy. The implantation of different sized stents was simulated to compare their effects on blood flow, pressure, and aneurysm coverage.

  10. Avoid Pitfalls In HPLC Sample Prep Part 2 – UV Analysis

    The quality and resolution of UV chromatogram data can provide users with feedback to help them achieve and maintain high-quality HPLC data.