Featured Laboratory Articles & Applications

  1. Following FDA Guidance: Continuous Improvement In An Outsourced Environment

    In May 2013 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its draft guidance, “Contract Manufacturing Arrangement for Drugs: Quality Agreements,” with recommendations representing its “current thinking on defining, establishing, and documenting the responsibilities of each party (or all parties) involved in the contract manufacturing of drugs subject to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP). In particular, we describe how parties involved in the contract manufacturing of drugs can utilize Quality Agreements to delineate their responsibilities and assure drug quality, safety, and efficacy.”

  2. Saving Process Costs With Software Support: Practical Tips For Phase 4

    The short tips in this white paper are intended as a guide to selecting tools which will help you to save valuable time in the eight-phase model of the value creation process. 

  3. Eliminate The “Patchwork Quilt” Of Sample Management Systems

    This BIOVIA customer uniquely combines the reach and resources of a major pharmaceutical company with the entrepreneurial spirit and agility associated with the world of biotech. The company focuses on a range of illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, HIV/ AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis and psychiatric disorders. Their R&D organization prioritizes pipeline velocity and sales growth while continuing to manage costs.

  4. Introduction To Evaporation — Avoiding Common Evaporation Mistakes

    Many sample formats and solvents are used with no single technique providing a universal solution, but despite the variety of specifics evaporation is well-understood and relatively uncomplicated.

  5. Leverage The Internet Of Things Within The Laboratory

    As science-based organizations look to leverage the internet of things (IoT) within the laboratory, careful consideration must be given to available technologies, data formats, and platforms. 

  6. How To Select A Mechanical Pipette

    Widely used in laboratories of all kinds, mechanical pipettes are long-lasting tools. Because they are used for several hours a day, ergonomics and personal preferences - such as handling comfort – are important selection criteria. Other factors such as the application, laboratory workflow, required volume ranges, physical properties of the sample, and requirements for accuracy and precision also need to be considered when searching for the right pipette for the job.

  7. Adding Modern Advancements To Traditional Pneumatic Systems

    Advancements open a new range of applications to the use of intelligent, networked valve manifold I/O. The new hardware makes it possible to gain advantages in labor savings and diagnostic capability.

  8. Accelerate Time To Market With An Electronic Lab Notebook

    This white paper examines the challenges of managing research data today and what to look for in an ELN. The white paper also addresses key issues in selecting and deploying an ELN in today’s digital research environment including the importance of seamlessly integrating ELNs with existing research workflows. The white paper concludes with a brief consideration of ELN costs, financial benefits and return on investment (ROI).

  9. Accelerating Biopharmaceutical Development From DNA To Drug

    The pipeline of biopharmaceutical drugs is rich and becoming increasingly diverse. Many new biologic modalities are being developed as established therapeutic classes move through their lifecycle. Wide arrays of different types of molecules are expected to coexist within product portfolios and manufacturing networks. It is clear that this will have a significant impact on manufacturing facilities. Strategies need to be developed to prepare facilities for these challenges.

  10. Improve Operations, Collaboration, And Time-To-Market: The Digital Lab

    Integrating and standardizing lab data, resources and processes to improve operational excellence, collaboration and time-to-market.