Featured Laboratory Articles & Applications

  1. Automating Technology In The Production Of Infusion And Blood Bags

    The trend in automation technology is towards smaller, multifunctional components. Compact one-way flow control valves type VFOF-LE-BAH are one of the latest developments in the field of pneumatics. By Peter Kronawitter

  2. Advancing Therapeutic Antibody Discovery With Multiplexed Screening

    Understand how the iQue Screener, the fastest suspension based high throughput screening system available, is used to perform multiplexed screens for antibody binding to either cell surface or to circulating target antigens.

  3. Mass-Market To Niche: Food And Beverage Companies Can Shift Direction To Remain Competitive

    The food and beverage industry is facing a crossroads. Thanks to the internet and increased access to information, today’s consumers have diversified into many subgroups, each wanting different things. Some want to sample exotic flavors that they learned about via social media. Others will only buy organic food and ingredients because of something they read on a blog. Baby Boomers look for healthy-for-them products. Millennials desire authenticity and sustainability. How can companies keep up with these shifting, often contrasting demands?

  4. How AstraZeneca Improved Validated Workflows In GMP API Manufacturing

    The reality is that paper is more of a habit than a requirement. AstraZeneca discovered this when they aimed to introduce ELNs to improve the efficiency of their validated workflows for GMP API manufacture.

  5. How To Drive Down Laboratory Operating Costs With SaaS

    This white paper explores best practices in SaaS selection and incorporation into laboratory practices that enable organizations to focus on their core competencies while utilizing best-of-breed software.

  6. Fully Automated Single-Use Bioreactor System For High Throughput Fed-Batch Culture

    Fed-batch culture is the commonly adopted biologicals manufacturing method used in many biopharmaceutical companies as it can generate gram/litre amounts of protein-based therapeutics. However, to obtain the maximum production of therapeutic proteins requires the optimum formulation of culture media and feeds, as well as the correct bioprocess parameters. 

  7. Improved Bioavailability Of Trio Medicines TML-2 In 12 Weeks

    Trio’s lead compound TML-2 is the acetyl prodrug of TML-1, a novel, well tolerated G-protein coupled receptor antagonist which shows clinical promise but has limited bioavailability owing to low solubility. Trio turned to Catalent for help.

  8. 5 Reasons External Collaborations Fail In Drug Discovery

    This white paper, brought to you by Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA, discusses the different types of external collaborations research organizations engage in, the reasons that many of these partnerships fail to meet expectations, and an informatics solutions to overcome these issues.

  9. 7 Things To Know When Selecting An Electronic Lab Notebook

    Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) are one of the primary scientific informatics solutions for helping scientists design, execute, analyze and report on experiments—but selecting the right ELN can be a challenge.

  10. Vivaflow® 200: A Critical Sample Preparation Tool For Concentrating Hybridoma Supernatants

    This study focusses on the use of Vivaflow® 200 crossflow cassettes to concentrate up to 3 L clear murine hybridoma supernatant 10-fold prior to affinity chromatography.