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  1. Festo Technologists Are Developing Fluid Handling Systems For Increasing The Speed And Accuracy Of Automated Screening And Sequencing Laboratory Equipment

    Governor Charlie Baker recently recognized 13 companies, including Festo, for locating or growing businesses in Massachusetts at the 11th annual MassEcon Corporate Welcome Reception

  2. Hospital Auxilio Mutuo In Puerto Rico Advances Its Lab Testing For Transplant Patients With The Atellica Solution

    Siemens Healthineers announced recently that Hospital Auxilio Mutuo in Puerto Rico has become the first hospital on the island and the first transplant center in the world to advance its laboratory testing with the Atellica Solution

  3. US And Canada Clinical Laboratories To Strike The 100 Billion Market Cap

    The growing trend of decentralization has expanded the scope of testing beyond the traditional laboratory environment

  4. DDL’s MN And CA Testing Laboratories Transition To ISO 17025:2017

    DDL, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Minnesota and California testing laboratories have completed the transition to ISO 17025:2017

  5. Low Adhesion Plates Help Culture Light Responsive Retinal Organoids

    AMSBIO reports on how several leading European research groups have used their Lipidure coated microplates to help culture physiologically functional, light-responsive retinal organoids

  6. FBI Approves Verogen’s Next-Gen Forensic DNA Technology For National DNA Index System

    Verogen Inc., the world’s first DNA sequencing company dedicated to forensic science, announced today that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has approved the company’s next-gen forensic DNA technology for use by forensic laboratories generating DNA profiles for upload to the National DNA Index System (NDIS). The FBI manages NDIS to enable comparison of eligible DNA profiles contributed by participating federal, state, and municipal forensic laboratories. Verogen’s MiSeq FGx® Forensic Genomics System is

  7. PathGroup Acquires Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories, Expanding Pathology Services And Clinical Innovation

    PathGroup, one of the largest private providers of pathology, clinical and molecular laboratory services in the United States, recently announced that it has acquired Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories (PBM), a leading provider of pathology services based in Dallas

  8. Gateway Genomics SneakPeek Noninvasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) Identifies Gender With Cell-Free Fetal DNA From Microvolumes Of Self-Collected Maternal Blood

    Gateway Genomics, a leading developer of genomic tests that give families insight into their future children, announces a new publication titled, “Self-Collection of Maternal Blood for Fetal Sex Determination Using Cell-Free DNA” in the journal of Pregnancy and Child Health

  9. Arc Bio Launches Galileo™ Pathogen Solution (GPS) Product Line, A Fully Integrated NGS-Based Metagenomics Platform For Revolutionizing Pathogen Detection

    Arc Bio today launched its Galileo™ Pathogen Solution (GPS) product line at the ASM Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS) in Savannah. With this announcement comes the Early Access commercial release of the first product in the GPS line: GPS-Transplant

  10. 2D Coded Tube Scanners, Imagers & Semi Automated Tube Selector

    Ziath Ltd. has announced that it will showcase its latest 2D coded tube scanners, imagers and semi-automated Mohawk tube selector at the forthcoming ISBER 2019**, LabVolution**, the Symposium for Cell Biology and Cryopreservation** and ELRIG-France** conferences and exhibitions.