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  1. Carver Exhibiting At Pittcon 2019

    Carver, Inc. will be featuring its Auto Series Plus automatic hydraulic laboratory press at Pittcon 2019 in Booth No. 3936 from March 17 to March 21 in Philadelphia, PA.

  2. Charm Sciences Announces MicroVal Approval For The Peel Plate® EB Microbial Test

    Charm Sciences is pleased to announce that its Peel Plate® EB Microbial Test has received MicroVal approval. This follows the August announcement it received AOAC-Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) First Action, a US-based certification

  3. American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab Opens At The Technology Hub And Incubator (THINC) At The Center For Discovery

    A next-generation assistive technology lab was officially opened today at The Center for Discovery's (TCFD) Technology Hub and Incubator (THINC) with the sole purpose of developing new ways to help people with a range of disabilities and complex conditions overcome their limited mobility and interact more easily with the world around them

  4. Generex Biotechnology Announces Acquisition Of Surgical Device Manufacturer

    Generex Biotechnology Corporation is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire Pantheon Medical – Foot & Ankle, a manufacturer of specialty orthopedic surgery products and tools

  5. Southeastern Grocers Partner With eTrueNorth To Launch CLIA-waived Laboratory For Point-Of-Care Testing At Local Pharmacies

    eTrueNorth, the premier, integrated pharmacy-based clinical services network, has reached an agreement with Southeastern Grocers, Inc. (SEG) to launch CLIA-waived laboratories at 253 retail pharmacies

  6. Positive Assessment Issued For Agendia's MammaPrint®

    Agendia, Inc., a world leader in precision oncology, announced today that in the latest Evidence Street® update of 2.04.36 (Assays of Genetic Expression in Tumor Tissue as a Technique to Determine Prognosis in Patients with Breast Cancer), individuals with early-stage, lymph node-negative invasive breast cancer who are considering adjuvant chemotherapy and receive gene expression profiling with MammaPrint®, "the evidence is sufficient to determine that the technology results in a meaningful improvement in the net health outcome"

  7. SanAir Technologies, Cincinnati-Area Environmental Lab, Earns NVLAP Asbestos Accreditation

    SanAir Technologies Laboratories, Inc. (SanAir) recently announced its accreditation by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) to provide asbestos air and bulk testing, Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) analyses, at the Laboratory’s new Hamilton County, Ohio location

  8. Techcyte And ARUP Laboratories Partner To Deliver AI-Based Digital Diagnostics

    Techcyte, a leading developer of AI-based image analysis solutions for the diagnostics industry, and ARUP Laboratories, a national reference laboratory and worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development, have partnered together to develop and commercialize digital diagnostic solutions using artificial intelligence for labs around the world

  9. Capitala Group Announces Investment In US BioTek Laboratories LLC

    Capitala Group (“Capitala” or the “Company”) announced today that it recently invested a combination of senior secured debt and equity totaling $19.5 million, alongside Pike Street Capital, in US BioTek Laboratories LLC (“US BioTek”), a worldwide leader in specialty immunology and allergy testing

  10. Medical Scanner Helps To Unlock The Mysteries Of A Giant Prehistoric Marine Reptile

    A nearly metre-long skull of a giant fossil marine ichthyosaur found in a farmer’s field more than 60 years ago has been studied for the first time