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  1. CRISPR Researchers To Benefit From COBO Technologies And SCIEX Partnership

    COBO Technologies, a company specialised in quality control services and products in genome editing, recently announces a new partnership with SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, to develop PIPPR, a unique protein expression analysis platform

  2. Optimize Distillation With Ai Vacuum’s New Short Path Head And Summit Research’s Fraction Finder

    With the rise of vaping and edibles, distillate had never been more in demand. As a result, masses of processors are taking up short path distillation. But novices and experts alike quickly realize the process is complex

  3. New DualBeam Instrument With Fast, Switchable Ion Species Enables Innovative Research And Enhanced Sample Preparation

    Researchers can now apply a range of ion beam species within one focused ion beam (FIB) scanning electron microscopy (SEM) instrument with the new Thermo Scientific Helios Hydra DualBeam system

  4. IDT And 3CR Pool Expertise To Provide A Custom Genotyping Solution For Low- To High-Throughput Screening

    In the latest collaboration in a series to advocate for genomics research, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is teaming up with 3CR Bioscience (3CR) to widen access to quality custom solutions for genotyping screening

  5. Bridge Biotherapeutics Joins JLABS® Shanghai, China

    Bridge Biotherapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company, which aims to develop novel therapeutics for areas with high unmet medical needs, announced that the company is a new resident of JLABS @ Shanghai in China, which opened on June 27th

  6. Laboratory Testing Of Known Compounds For Cancer Treatment Efficacy

    Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) has been investigated as a novel cancer therapy since 2007 when Bonnet et al published research study demonstrating the efficacy of DCA in treating human cancers by inhibition of mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK)

  7. Biocatalytic Hydrogenation Optimisation

    The DrySyn OCTO Mini reaction station from Asynt is enabling researchers to optimise and expand the applications of HydRegen - an innovative, heterogeneous biocatalytic hydrogenation technology currently under development within the group of Prof. Kylie Vincent at the University of Oxford (UK)

  8. BioTek Unveils Enhancements To Market-Leading 405 TS Washer

    BioTek Instruments continues to improve laboratory workflows while simplifying the user experience with the launch of their next generation405 TS Microplate Washer

  9. Mobidiag Signs Exclusive Agreement With Pro Med Diagnostics For The Distribution Of Amplidiag And Novodiag Diagnostic Solutions In Africa

    Mobidiag Ltd., a commercial stage molecular diagnostics company addressing the spread of antimicrobial resistance, recently announces that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Pro Med Diagnostics for the distribution of its Amplidiag and Novodiag products in African countries including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda

  10. Biodesix To Acquire Oncimmune In The United States

    Biodesix, Inc. recently announced that it will extend the company’s blood-based lung cancer diagnostic portfolio with acquisition of Oncimmune’s laboratory and incidental pulmonary nodule (IPN) malignancy test in the United States