Disease Awareness Campaigns
February 4 - 5, 2019 - Philadelphia MA US

CBI a division of UBM Americas

Phone: 339-298-2140

Innovating Outreach for Patient Activation CBI’s Disease Awareness Campaigns provides insight into the latest strategies for effectively educating patients and health care providers. Through panels, interactive sessions, and presentations, participants will dive into a wide range of issues that include digital communication, content, technology and business challenges. TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: Establish goals and objectives of collaborative cross-industry relationships Convey your messages and amplify your campaign via stories and experiences Design patient education that addresses the patient’s needs Evaluate the impact of your disease awareness initiatives Get feedback on how the information was used from patient and advocate partners How to work with HCP advisory boards Discuss where your disease awareness team sits in the organization Create a multimodal, multipoint distribution of the message Review of do’s and don’ts for legal and regulatory compliance Stay in compliance with FDA Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications Provide access to disease awareness information on your website Establish a promotional review committees (PRC) made up of cross-functional teams comprised of medical, legal and regulatory experts

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