Wireless Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System


When you need to monitor hard-to-reach locations or reconfigure your facility’s equipment or sensing devices, a reliable wireless data logger is the most convenient option. Vaisala’s wireless data loggers are equipped with on-board power, memory, stable sensors and a Wi-Fi transmitter to make device placement and chamber relocation simple and easy.

Combined with the viewLinc 4.1 monitoring software, Vaisala Wi-Fi data loggers provide completely autonomous power, memory, and alarming with:

  • Secure transmission to network
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant records
  • Local data logging and alarm
  • Language localized versions and global service and support

Vaisala’s Wi-Fi monitoring solutions provide significant cost savings because the system does not require the purchase of proprietary HMI equipment as a host PC. Compared to other similar devices, our wireless loggers offer a wider operating range. Additionally, other similar systems have a 4-hour battery backup, whereas the Vaisala wireless devices have an 18-month battery, which lasts longer if used only as backup for optional external power source.