Vivaspin 6

Source: Vivaproducts, Inc.
Vivaspin 6
Vivaspin 6
Concentrator Capacity
Swing Bucket Rotor: 6ml
25° Fixed Angle Rotor: 6ml
With Pressure Cap:

Width: 16mm
Length: 122mm
Active Membrane Area:

Carrier Required
Insert Diameter: 17mm
Conical Bottom Tube: 15ml
Maximum Centrifugal Force: 10,000 g
Maximum Pressure:
Hold up Volume Membrane: <10ul
Dead Stop Volume: 30 ul

Materials of Construction
Body and Filtrate Vessel: Polycarbonate
Concentrator Cap: Polypropylene
Membranes: Polyethersulfone

2 to 20ml Samples
The new Vivaspin 6 and 20ml centrifugal concentrators have been developed to offer increased volume flexibility and performance compared to over previous class leading 15ml product. Vivaspin 6 can process a record 6ml in either swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting standard 15ml conical bottom test tubes.

Vivaspin 20 handles up to 20ml in swing bucket centrifuges 14ml in 25° fixed angle rotors accepting 50ml centrifuge tubes.

Both products feature twin vertical membranes for unparalleled filtration speeds and 100X plus concentrations.

Remaining volume is easy to read off the printed scale on the side of the concentrator and the modified dead stop pocket further simplifies direct pipette recovery of the final concentrate.

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