Vivaspin 500

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Vivaspin 500
Highly Recommended for CSF concentration
Highly recommended for CSF concentration

Concentrator Capacity:100 - 600ul
Centrifuge Rotor Required, fixed angle or swing out: 11mm cavity(2.2ml tubes)
Maximum Centrifugal Force: 15,000 g
Active Membrane Area: 0.5cm²
Hold up Volume Membrane. & Support: <5ul
Dead Stop Volume: 8ul

Width: 12.5mm
Length: 50mm

Materials of Construction
Filtrate Collection Tube: Polypropylene
Concentrator Body/Sleeve: Polypropylene

100ul to 4ml Samples
Vivaspin 500ul and 4ml centrifugal filter units offer a simple, one step procedure for sample preparation. They can effectively be used in either swing out or fixed angle rotors accepting 2.2ml and 15ml centrifuge tubes.

The patented vertical membrane design and thin channel filtration chamber (US 5,647,990), minimizes membrane fouling and provides high speed concentrations, even with particle laden solutions.

In addition to the proven polyethersulfone membrane range, Vivaspin 500 is now also available with Cellulose Triacetate alternatives. CTA is to be preferred when highest recovery of the filtrate is of primary importance.

Vivapore concentration extend the solvent absorption technique to a totally new level of performance, application potential and ease of use.

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