Vivapore 10/20

Source: Vivaproducts, Inc.
Vivapore 10/20
Membrane Surface Area: 28cm²
Reservoir Material: SAN
Volume Range: 2 - 10ml/20ml*
Minimum Concentrate Volume: 50ul

Width (mm): 46
Height (mm): 100

Pack Size 4: Includes Stand & Recovery Pipettes
Pack Size 30: Includes Stand & Recovery Pipettes
Pack Size 100: Requires Stand

0.5ml to 20ml Samples
With no need for additional equipment, pressure or vacuum, solvent absorption is the most economic and user friendly concentration technique available to the clinician and research scientist.

Just fill the unit with the solution to be concentrated, wait for the desired concentration level to be achieved and then pipette the concentrated sample from the bottom of the reservoir.

Ideal for the general purpose laboratory concentration or purification prior to further analysis, Vivapore is particularly suited for labile solutions that can denature with alternative shear or pressure inducing methods or require processing in a cold room environment.

Vivapore concentration extend the solvent absorption technique to a totally new level of performance, application potential and ease of use.

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