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VistaPath Launches New Collaboration With Gestalt Diagnostics To Further Accelerate Pathology Digitization

Joining Forces to Create New AI Capabilities in the Pathology Lab

Cambridge, MA /PRNewswire/ - VistaPath, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based, data-driven pathology processing platforms, today announced a new collaboration with Gestalt Diagnostics of Spokane, WA, to further advance digitization in pathology labs.

The collaboration combines two AI solutions, VistaPath's Sentinel, the world's first automated tissue grossing platform, and Gestalt's AI Requisition Engine (AIRE), a leading-edge AI algorithm for accessioning, to raise the bar in AI-driven pathology digitization.

Designed to make tissue grossing faster and more accurate, VistaPath's Sentinel uses a high-quality video system to assess specimens and create a gross report 93% faster than human technicians with 43% more accuracy. It not only improves on quality by continuously monitoring the cassette, container, and tissue to reduce mislabeling and specimen mix-up, but also increases traceability by retaining original images for downstream review.

Gestalt's AIRE drastically improves speed and accuracy over manual data entry tasks. It is an intuitive and continual learning AI algorithm that is highly scalable and accurately detects requisition and other form types, including complicated ones. By automatically interpreting data and handwriting from scanned paper requisitions, including complicated form elements, AIRE sends an electronic order directly to the LIS, improving data quality for more timely and accurate billing.

"We're always looking to work with new innovators, and Gestalt was a perfect fit," says Timothy Spong, CEO of VistaPath. "It's a great collaboration that will help advance our collective goal of using AI solutions to digitize pathology labs."

"Incorporating AI in the laboratory to enhance and improve manual processes is an intelligent and highly effective use of technology. By partnering with thought leaders like VistaPath to combine these two front-end functions, tests can now get into the laboratory workflow in a fraction of the time with higher accuracy," says Lisa-Jean Clifford, COO and Chief Strategy Officer of Gestalt Diagnostics. "In these difficult employment times – this technology reduces your reliance on human resources in hiring, staff turnover, coverage for outages, in addition to providing a competitive edge."

About VistaPath
VistaPath is modernizing pathology labs using machine augmentation. Driven by computer vision, they provide clients with significant quality, workflow, and strategic benefits with the overall goal of delivering improved results for pathologists, clinicians, and patients. The Sentinel is the company's first product. Learn more at

About Gestalt Diagnostics
Gestalt Diagnostics is bringing anatomic pathology into the digital age by providing enterprise solutions and services to transform anatomic pathology laboratories by providing all-inclusive technology solutions and services that enable clinicians to diagnose diseases faster and more efficiently. Learn more at

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