VIAFLO ASSIST Automating Multichannel Pipettes

Source: INTEGRA Biosciences

Multichannel pipettes are invaluable when working with multiwell plates. However, prolonged and repetitive pipetting sessions bear the risk of strain and fatigue, often resulting in repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and less reproducible results.

VIAFLO ASSIST together with INTEGRA’s new VIAFLO II electronic pipettes form the perfect symbiosis to prevent users from RSI and to significantly increase the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate fillings and reagent additions.

Simply mount any VIAFLO II electronic pipette onto the VIAFLO ASSIST pipette adaptor, choose a pipetting protocol and press the run button. VIAFLO ASSIST will then obtain the protocol via Bluetooth from the VIAFLO II electronic pipette and automatically execute the desired application.