Vacuum Pressure Switches

Source: Festo Corporation

Pressure sensors and vacuum switches for controlling all pressure values: programmable and as a modular product.


Pressure sensor SPAU

Uniquely flexible in its connection: the pressure sensor SPAU. Whether for pressure measuring, pressure monitoring, or pressure sensing—all pressure values are visible for checking at all times. In IO-Link® mode, remote maintenance and parameterization are possible as well as simple sensor replication.

  • For monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases
  • With or without display
  • Transfer of the pressure value as switch signal, analog signal, or via IO-Link® to the connected control system
  • Maximum versatility thanks to a wide range of pneumatic adaptations and switchable electrical outputs

Pressure sensor SDE5

Optimal price in a modular system: the vacuum pressure switch SDE5, the low-cost alternative for simple and fast pressure control. Impressive detection of compressed air, control points, and vacuum, as well as object detection via backpressure.

  • Programmable and configurable pressure switch for simple pressure sensing tasks
  • Threshold/window comparator
  • Switching point adjustment by teach-in function
  • Integrated microprocessor
  • Switching status indicated by an LED visible from all sides
  • Certification: c UL us Listed (OL), C-Tick

Pressure sensor SPAN

Extremely compact and versatile: the attractively priced pressure sensor SPAN is amazingly flexible thanks to switchable electrical outputs and a very wide range of options for pressure measuring ranges and pneumatic connections.

  • For monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases
  • For network monitoring, regulator monitoring, leak test, object detection
  • Relative method of measurement based on a piezoresistive measuring cell
  • Serial communication integrated using IO-Link® 1.1
  • Compact design 30 x 30 mm
  • High-contrast display with blue backlight

Pressure switch PEV, VPEV

Adjustable pressure indicator or vacuum indicator in sturdy cast aluminum housing with plug to EN 175301-803 or EN 60947-5-2.

  • Mechanical pressure and vacuum switch
  • Adjustable switching point
  • Mounting: screw-in, via through-holes or via H-rail
  • Visual scale for pressure adjustment
  • Certification: CCC, c UL us - Recognized (OL), RCM Mark

PE converter PEN-M5

Pressure or vacuum switch with switching status indication and adjustable switching point. Through-hole mounting on the base plate.

PEN-M5 Part no.  8625

  • Pneumatic/electric differential pressure switch
  • Pneumatic/electric pressure transducer
  • Design for vacuum
  • Mounting on mounting frame 2N
  • Splash-proof design
  • Certification: CCC

Pressure sensor SPAW

For hydraulics and pneumatics: The compact pressure sensor SPAW measures in 9 measuring ranges from −1 to 1 and 0 to 100 bar. Suitable for all media, such as gases, water, or refrigerants that do not corrode the stainless steel housing nor the measuring component.

  • Highly robust
  • For liquid and gaseous media
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the switching outputs using three pushbuttons
  • Optimal legibility: display housing rotatable 320°, display at an angle of 45°

Pressure sensor SPAE

Extremely small, extremely light, extremely convenient: The pressure transmitter SPAE monitors the pressure level of filtered compressed air from −1 to 0 and 0 to 10 bar. Ideal for vacuum monitoring for pick & place or for pressure monitoring in pneumatic applications.

  • Electronic pressure sensor with piezoresistive pressure measuring cell, integrated signal processing, numeric pressure gauge in percent, operating key and a switching output, PNP/NPN switchable
  • Display of minimum and maximum readings
  • All parameters entered can be transferred to other SPAEs (replicator function)
  • Communication interface IO-Link®

‚ÄčPressure transmitter SPTW

  • Sensor versions: piezoresistive pressure sensor or metal thin-film pressure sensor
  • Measured variable: relative pressure
  • Operating medium: liquid media and gaseous media
  • Seal-free: pressure measuring cell and interfaces in stainless steel
  • Protection: IP67

Pressure sensor SDE3

Optimized space requirements: the vacuum pressure switch SDE3. Designed to monitor relative and differential pressures—optionally available with two independent pressure inputs and two-color LCD display in one device.

  • Five pressure measuring ranges
  • Measurement of relative or differential pressure or two independent pressure inputs
  • Switching output 2x PNP or 2x NPN
  • Numerical and graphical pressure gauge
  • Mounting: via H-rail, via wall/surface bracket, front panel mounting, with through-holes
  • Certification: C-Tick, ATEX, c UL us Listed (OL)

Pressure transmitter SPTE

Relative pressure or vacuum transmitter. For optional manifold assembly using a wall bracket.

  • Piezoresistive pressure sensor
  • Measured variable: relative pressure
  • Cable length 2.5 m
  • Compact: 8-bracket wall mount for manifold assembly

PE converter PE, VPE

Pressure or vacuum indicator with permanently set switching point.

  • Pneumatic/electric differential pressure switch
  • Pneumatic/electric pressure transducer
  • Design for vacuum
  • Mounting on mounting frame 2N
  • Splash-proof design
  • Certification: CCC

Pressure switch SPBA

Screw-in vacuum pressure switch with permanently set switching point.

  • Pressure sensor with permanently set switching point
  • For solenoid valve VSVA
  • Mounting: screw-in