USB to Gigabit Ethernet Converter - AvaGigE

Source: Avantes BV
Avante's AvaGigE is a USB to Ethernet converter device which enables our entire line of Avaspec USB controlled spectrometers to plug into the Ethernet.

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AVA-GigE USB to Gigabit Ethernet Converter Datasheet

The AvaGigE converter device provides for instrument control and data acquisition of Avantes full line of spectrometers through a gigabit Ethernet connection. The AvaGigE consists of a hardware device which supports the connection of a single or up to 16 spectrometers (via USB hub) and a web-based configuration utility. The AvaGigE handles all synchronization between channels. Once the connection has been configured, the AvaSpec spectrometers can be addressed via Avantes proprietary AvaSoft operating software or the AS5216 DLL interface.


  • Process control
  • Remote instrument control/data acquisition