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United Global Alliance Partners With Acumen Research Laboratories To Distribute Novel Coronavirus Diagnostic Test Kits

Acu-Corona™ 2.0 Test Kit Received Provisional Authorization from Singapore's Health Sciences Authority

Washington, DC /PRNewswire/ - American impact organization United Global Alliance (UNITED) announced a partnership with Singapore's Acumen Research Laboratories to distribute its proprietary Acu-CoronaTM 2.0 test kit and to supply the test to international governments and healthcare organizations. The announcement was made by Bachir Diagne and Ali Diallo, General Partners at UNITED, and Dr. Siew Hwa ONG, founder and Chief Scientist at Acumen Research Laboratories.

Acu-Corona™ 2.0 is an open platform, in vitroqualitative diagnostic assay based on real-time reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and that detects SARS-Cov-2 RNA in RNA samples extracted from patient specimens. The testing method received a Provisional Authorization from Singapore's Health Sciences Authority and Acumen Research Laboratories intends to seek FDA certification in collaboration with UNITED.

"The COVID-19 pandemic needs to be countered by effective testing to help in the medical efforts of diagnosis and treatment as well in implementing containment measures of contact tracing in the community and quarantine, where needed," said Dr. ONG. "We are very pleased to partner with Acumen Research Laboratories on the deployment of an immediate solution to address the pandemic crisis," said Diagne. "As an official reseller and authorized dealer of Acu-Corona™ 2.0., UNITED is already in touch with multiple American organizations, agencies and international governments to provide them with effective and accurate diagnostic test kits.

"Dr. Ong and her team have developed a very powerful testing method that needs to be shared at the global level," said Diallo. "The FDA certification process is the next natural step for further validation of the Acu-Corona™ 2.0 diagnostic test kit and UNITED will fully support this process."

The Acu-Corona™ 2.0 consists of two kits, one containing an RT-PCR enzyme and nuclease-free water; and another one containing some array plates with printed and dried RT-PCR primers, dual-labeled hydrolysis probes, and plate seals. The design is targeted at achieving high-throughput testing, reduced manual steps and cold-chain logistics, and overall robust results.

Acumen Research Laboratories' Acu-Corona™ 2.0. is part of UNITED's collaborative response initiative to address the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with immediate innovation-based solutions.

"UNITED is at the forefront of the coronavirus fight with a series of high-impact interventions in the healthcare sector," commented Diallo. "We are working on multiple fronts such as the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Team Connect, our Jordan-based humanitarian relief arm; hydroxychloroquine clinical research in partnership with the government of Senegal; and a health impact fund with global mission-driven investors. We are also collaborating with a leading European technology provider with the goal of leveraging our expertise in the telecom and big data spaces to build a tracking platform."

More recently, UNITED has also been actively engaged in the fight against price gouging as reported by Bloomberg.

United Global Alliance (UNITED) is a diversified American impact group and global venture builder with a mission to solve the world's biggest sustainability challenges. The group builds and scales mission-driven ventures and initiatives that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. UNITED powers a wide range of solutions that address ethical trading, financial inclusion, capital access, green energy, digital divide and last-mile connectivity. The group is chaired by HRH Prince Abas bin Ali of Jordan and headed by a team of impact leaders including Ali Diallo, a 2019 White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and former Head of Global Programs at the MIT Legatum Center; Canadian entrepreneurs Bachir Diagne and Todd Friedman, co-founders of MXO Group; and Arona Sy, Director of ESTEL Business School and Sr. Partner at OnlineFormaPro, a public French company that powers e-learning solutions; and American-Indian entrepreneurs Raj Subraminian and Srini Narayanan, co-founders of United Labs.

About Acumen Research Laboratories
Acumen is a Singapore-based medical technology company that develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic tests such as its proprietary and patented AcuSept™ test for sepsis. Acumen also offers fully automated diagnostic medical device products that can identify clinically relevant pathogens and antibiotic resistance. Acumen is an award-winning team of scientists and entrepreneurs with strong roots based in Singapore and international partners. Acumen is led by CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Siew Hwa ONG. Dr. ONG is the recipient of the 2017 Spirit of Enterprise Award, a national recognition that honors and celebrates Singapore's top leaders; she has also led Acumen to international recognition, with the latest accolade being the grand prize winner of the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2019 hosted in Tokyo and establishment of Acumen operations in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (Suzhou, China).

Source: United Global Alliance

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