News | December 8, 2016

True Health Diagnostics Launches Laboratory Management Service For Hospital Systems

Frisco, TX /PRNewswire/ - True Health Diagnostics today announced a major new program that brings leading-edge laboratory services and management expertise to hospital systems throughout the United States, allowing more doctors and patients to benefit from state-of-the-art biomarker testing and health care management solutions.

Hospital systems, under pressure to contain costs, have struggled to keep up with rapidly advancing laboratory science and technology, falling behind the capabilities of national labs. True Health Outreach, an affiliate of True Health, works with hospitals to offer a fix for that issue.

Hospitals and hospital systems can partner with True Health to advance their laboratory systems and methodologies to the highest clinical standards and provide patients with access to its nationally renowned science that allows for earlier detection of disease states. This allows the hospitals to run their own testing instead of outsourcing to other laboratories, increasing the speed and efficiency of laboratory testing.

"In most communities, the hospital serves as the home for a patient's care. The rapid development of quality and outcomes accountability requires us to continuously find new ways to coordinate care," said True Health CEO Chris Grottenthaler. "True Health is among the first organizations to be able to integrate diagnostic management throughout the healthcare system and is emerging as the leader in innovation for hospital laboratory management."

Partnerships between hospitals and True Health represent a transformation in how hospitals deliver better patient care and healthcare outcomes. Unlike other companies that establish laboratories in hospitals, only True Health can boast a reputation for building and managing laboratories that meet the highest quality standards. The capabilities True Health can establish within a hospital system can provide hospitals the tools doctors need to enhance their ability to detect disease, including working with cutting-edge equipment not found elsewhere and offering patients access to health management to make the lifestyle changes they need for healthier lives.

In addition to modernizing laboratory services, True Health has created a more patient-friendly experience, helping them navigate the healthcare system. By coordinating care, True Health aims to improve patient outcomes for many of the most vexing diseases in the country.

"People who understand how Americans engage with healthcare know that proximity to services is a key driver of patient behavior. True Health Diagnostics is committed to bringing its science and expertise to communities across the country. Our best-in-class services can help keep patients healthy at less expense to a hospital than maintaining a lab of similar quality on its own – and only True Health can identify the unique signatures of disease states as early as we are able," said Grottenthaler.

More information about True Health's hospital system program can be found on True Health's website.

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