News | August 16, 2022

Swift Sensors Introduces Temperature Logging And Verification Tools For Clinical Lab CLIA Compliance

Automation of daily verification and temperature logging saves clinical labs time and money while protecting inventory and simplifying inspections

Swift Sensors provider of wireless industrial IoT sensor solutions, introduced new temperature logging and daily verification tools to automate required documentation for CLIA-compliant labs. With the new daily verification tools, clinical labs can save time while generating key compliance data needed to comply with the latest Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) standards. Daily verification is available now and is included with the Swift Sensors Remote Monitoring and Alert System.

“We’ve expanded our platform to protect valuable inventory stored in coolers and freezers, as well as automate logging and reporting processes to drive more efficiency,” said Ray Almgren, Swift Sensors CEO. “Now clinical labs, pharmacies, and medical facilities subject to CLIA requirements can automate daily verification processes to ensure they maintain compliance.”

Daily verification automates the process required by certified CLIA labs to capture and document temperature logs, creating a complete, accurate, and verified record that cannot be altered or misplaced. With the new daily verification feature, users can quickly view all of their temperature readings and verify that they are within proper ranges. The resulting log captures the user name, timestamp, and temperature recorded, as well as any annotations to address anomalies or corrective action taken.

“Clinical labs are required by law to follow strict standards for documentation and review of temperature ranges, as well as retention of those temperature logs,” said Stephanie Halliday from LAB Consulting. “Many labs still rely on staff to manually check and log temperatures throughout their facility. The new daily verification tool automates required CLIA processes and generates reports needed for CLIA inspections. “

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Source: Swift Sensors