Stock Shippers

Stock Shippers
Stock Shippers for safe transport of temperature-sensitive products
Polyfoam Packers offers a full range of high-quality, reusable stock insulated containers. These lightweight shippers and mailers are highly effective yet inexpensive for shipping product via UPS, air freight, parcel post or other services.
  • Seamless, molded, expanded polystyrene foam insulation - for efficient, cost-effective temperature maintenance. This material is non-deteriorating, vapor-proof, leak resistant, and non-settling.
  • Thick-walled containers with tight-fitting plug lids - for superior temperature retention.
  • Reduced shipping costs due to lowered requirements for dry ice or refrigerants. Efficient insulating K factor of .19 remains unchanged throughout the long life of these containers. In independent tests, the rate of dry ice sublimation from these containers was approximately 3 Ibs. per 24 hours.
  • Over 50 stock sizes to fit every need - Offered with or without exterior cartons.
Custom container sizes and shapes
You may need an insulated container with specific features not shown among the stock sizes listed. Let our engineers design the container right for your specific needs. Also available: foam sheets cut to your specifications, to be assembled into stock or custom cartons.

Custom-molded lids
Stock insulated containers can be customized. A one-time engraving charge will enable us to mold a three-dimensional name and logo into the stock foam lid. For more information on prices and minimum order quantities, call our Customer Service Department.

Custom-printed corrugated cartons
Polyfoam can print the corrugated cartons for your containers with your name, logo, etc. Call Customer Service for details.

Independent tests prove insulation quality
Lab tests in which 36 half-gallon bricks of ice cream were placed in insulated container Model 50FW without dry ice showed the time required for a 10 degree rise in food temperature was 22 hours. Tests in which 35 half-gallon bricks of ice cream were placed in the insulated container (50 FW) together with 5 lbs. of dry ice showed the time required for a 10 degree rise in food temperature was 39 hours. The ambient temperature during both tests was 78°F.