Company Profile | January 1, 1996

specialty glassware, condensers, distilling apparatus, filtration, NMR, air sensitive glassware

specialty glassware, condensers, distilling apparatus, filtration, NMR, air sensitive glassware Through a strategic plan our company, WILMAD-LABGLASS, has positioned itself as a major player in the scientific support products industry. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities rival the largest competitors in the industry. A combined industry experience of over 100 years enables us to take part in the development of specialized products to support our customer base which includes industry, educational and government accounts. Our engineers and skilled craftspeople work on a daily basis with complex designs, configurations and application problems, and mold them into finished products for such industries as healthcare, aerospace and chemical manufacturing.

A Worldwide Reputation for Quality in Spectroscopy Products including NMR and EPR tubes and accessories, and Precision Bore Tubing, WILMAD specializes in custom-designed high-precision products manufactured from a variety of glasses, including quartz, Pyrex® and sodium borosilicate.

WILMAD products are manufactured to the highest tolerances in the industry, and are utilized in high-tech aerospace systems, state-of-the-art analytical measurement equipment and sophisticated electronic components and subassemblies. A major player in the scientific support products industry, WILMAD is the world's leading supplier of magnetic spectroscopy glassware.

LABGLASS is a leader in the laboratory products industry, maintaining product lines that are on the cutting edge of scientific specialty apparatus innovation. Our strategic alliance with Corning Labware and equipment has enabled us to provide one of the most complete product lines in the industry today.

With three world-class manufacturing facilities and more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, LABGLASS is capable of meeting the unique needs of the researcher and scientist. We offer single-source convenience for both standard and custom-engineered products, and the highest level of customer service.

WILMAD-LABGLASS is pleased to offer you four locations to service your needs: LABGLASS in Kingsport, TN and the Reliance Glass Division in Bensenville,IL. All four locations offer the following:

  • Special Glassware Fabrication
  • Glassware Repair-Rush Service Available
  • Glassware Design Assistance
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support

In addition, we have listened to our clients and made customer service our number one priority. We invite you to call and talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives or set up an appointment with one of our sales consultants.