News | July 7, 2022

Shaping New Dimensions For Hematology: HORIBA Medical Launches The New Products In Its Yumizen H500 & H550 Product Family

HORIBA Medical is pleased to announce the launch of new products in its Yumizen H500 & H550 hematology product family, the compact benchtop hematology analyzers with enhanced performance, new features and increased benefits.

The new Yumizen H500 & H550 have been designed to deliver a rapid and comprehensive hematology report with a throughput of 60 tests/hour, 40 tubes autonomy with continuous loading, urgent manual mode; and for running samples through multi analysis modes and sampling.

Based on color-codes, simple analyzer operation and quality flagging messages, the ergonomics of new Yumizen H500 and H550 are perfectly designed for users of smaller laboratories.

With its menu of extensive parameters and enhanced clinical performances the new Yumizen H500 and H550 will be capable of meeting the demands of a variety of clinical lab environments and clinical settings: routine hematology, satellites labs, oncology care, blood banks, emergency rooms, physician’s office labs…

The unique infectious flagging for Malaria and Dengue diseases will provide a cost-effective screening tool in endemic regions but also a screening tool to help in identifying unsuspected contaminated samples in routine hematology testing.

Safe and autonomous assistance of hematology analyzers can be managed remotely by the new Yumicare connected support for ensuring automated quality control management, remote software updates and a customized helpline to users.

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Source: HORIBA Medical