Servo-Controlled Solenoid Valve VZWP

Source: Festo Corporation

The VZWP solenoid valves have the capability to control high pressures at large nominal sizes, thanks to sealing pistons instead of a diaphragm.

Large operating pressure range for new applications: the new series VZWP extends the existing solenoid valve series VZWM. The use of a sealing piston instead of a diaphragm means that even high pressures can be controlled with a large nominal diameter. The normally closed function (normally open is not achievable with this concept) ensures that the solenoid valve closes if power is lost.

The Solenoid Valves VZWP can be operated with water, air and neutral media. Wherever there is a pressure difference between the valve input and output. This includes applications where the medium is expelled into the open air or flows into an unpressurised container downstream of the valve. The new valve concept is not, however, suitable for closed circuits.