News | May 18, 2022

Quantgene Offers 12 Hour RT-PCR COVID-19 Tests For $99

  • Reduced prices for productions after return-to-work order extended

Santa Monica, CA /PRNewswire/ - Quantgene, a biotechnology company that utilizes its laboratories for COVID-19 testing, announced it can offer production companies COVID-19 RT-PCR tests for $99 at walk-in locations. Quantgene leads the industry in quality and price to ensure that production companies can keep their talent and crew safe while on set, with minimal impact on their budgets.

After the decision to extend the return-to-work agreement was made on April 30th, 2022, testing and physical distancing will remain in place on production sets for the foreseeable future. The initial return-to-work order was established in September 2020 and has enabled many industries, including entertainment, to return to their jobs safely during the pandemic.

Those extended precautions carry added expenses for productions, so Quantgene has pledged to lower testing costs wherever possible while maintaining a best-in-class standard of service. Since 2020, Quantgene has partnered with Hollywood's leading production companies to deliver the fastest RT-PCR turnaround times in America, thanks to its infrastructure of cloud systems, in-house laboratories, and registered nurses.

Unlike other testing companies that often use third-party labs, couriers, and testers to collect and process their samples, Quantgene's fully integrated and cloud-connected COVID PROTECT allows the company to control all samples from collection through to the release of results, which minimizes errors across the process. As a result, the company guarantees 12-hour or faster RT-PCR results and keeps prices low by avoiding third-party vendors, passing on these savings to production companies.

"Quantgene was flexible to our production needs and worked with us to keep pricing within our budget," commented Katie White, Independent Producer and Sundance Fellow. "The team was easy to work with and simplified the process at every stage possible."

Quantgene has delivered more than one million COVID-19 tests, with 99.9% of all test results delivered the same day. While other testing companies are charging between $125-and $199 for their RT-PCR testing, Quantgene's pricing reinforces a promise to provide more than delivering fast, accurate, and precise COVID-19 testing.

"At Quantgene, we are firmly committed to our partners in Hollywood. With an unrivaled 99.9% of our tests delivered in less than 24 hours, we now also set a new standard of affordable pricing," said Johannes Bhakdi, CEO at Quantgene. "While COVID-19 rules remain in place for the entertainment industry, Quantgene is dedicated to minimizing friction for COVID-19 testing, from service to quality to price."

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About Quantgene
Following the return-to-work order, Quantgene, a Los Angeles-based biotech startup, added COVID PROTECT as a service line to its genomics business in 2020 to support the fight against the pandemic.

Within 12 months, Quantgene's COVID PROTECT unit emerged as America's most reliable high-tech testing solution, with over a million tests performed and 99.9% of results delivered the same day - usually in 6 hours or less.

The ability to beat the rest of the industry by a wide margin is rooted in Quantgene's technology-centric approach: For the first time, Quantgene integrated in-house and mobile laboratories, medical processes, on-site testing operations, patient-facing apps, and enterprise-level analytics in a singular cloud-connected system. The dramatic increases in information processing efficiency allow the company to deliver the most reliable testing nationwide, at any scale, and in less than 12 hours - guaranteed for every sample.

Quantgene has become the leading provider for the demanding Hollywood production industry, with most major studios now opting for Quantgene COVID PROTECT as their proffered COVID testing solution.

Source: Quantgene

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