QualyTest Helium Leak Detector

Source: Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
QualyTest Helium Leak Detector
Finally a Leak Detector Built the Way You Want It!
Finally a Leak Detector Built the Way You Want It!
  • Rugged
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fast response and cycle times
  • Barcode reader capability
  • Made for any application

Pfeiffer Vacuum built the QualyTest with all steel construction for ruggedness along with a low-streamlined profile that prevents accidental tip-over. The QualyTest is a simple to operate as an ATM machine with on-screen prompts. The remote can operate the unit up to 100m away from the QualyTest. The unit is easy to maintain with all major components accessible within three minutes.


  • QualyTest Standard best suited for general vacuum applications
  • QualyTest Select for economical leak detection utilizing an existing backing pump
  • QualyTest Dry with dry diaphragm pump
  • QualyTest Dry Plus for semiconductor applications utilizing a scoll pump


  • RS-232-C for barcode reader
  • RS-232-C for host computer
  • Digital inputs, digital and analog
    outputs for remote control
  • Analog input for Compact Gauge, pressure display via operating unit
  • Displays in English, French, German and Spanish

A Production Tool - ISO 9001 Compatable

Product identification via barcode reader

Production documentation - print out of protocol

Increased production time due to:

  • Excellent long-term stability - less calibrations
  • Mass spectrometer with two long life filaments - automatic switch over and recalibration in case of burn -out.

Vacuum Mode - General Leak Testing of Vacuum Parts and System

Patented Twin-Flow

  • The unique Twin-Flow technology in conjunction with a specially designed turbo results in the following unrivaled benefits for:
  • Leak testing is possible at 25 mbar inlet pressure (no options like partial flow system required) due to the high compression ratio for helium of the Pfeiffer turbo pump.
  • Very fast recovery due to a much higher pumping speed of 2.1 l/s for helium at the inlet than available in other conventional counterflow leak detectors.
  • Large measurement range of 5.10-12 to 1 mbar l/s.
  • Excellent longterm stability
  • Fast leak testing due to the high pumping speed of the internal rotary vane pump with high pumping speed of the standard QualyTest

Sniffer Mode - High Sensitivity Leak Testing of
Pressurized Components by Sniffing

For sniffing applications, the patented Twin-Flow technology gives you the following unrivaled benefits:

  • Very small detectable leak rate of 5x10-8 mbar l/s.
  • Extremely large measurement range of 5x10-8 to1 mbar l/s.
  • Low helium consumption due to high sensitivity.


Smallest detectable leak rate (according to AVS 2.1)
 Vacuum mode  5-10-12 mbar 1/s
 Sniffer mode  5-10-8 mbar 1/s
 Ready for operation in  3 min
 Response time  0.5 s
 Leak rate display  10-12 mbar 1/s
 Pumping speed for helium at inlet  2.1 1/s
 Inlet pressure, max.  25 mbar
 Detectable masses  4He, 3He, H2
 Internal test leak  10-7 mbar 1/s
 Test port flange  DN 25 ISO-KF

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