News | November 7, 2023

QNTM Labs Announces EU-GMP Certified Expansion To Meet Growing Industry Needs

Odense /PRNewswire/ - QNTM Labs is pleased to announce the significant expansion to its existing headquarters. The company's new 1,000 sq/m space builds upon the original 600 sq/m of operations and has received additional EU-GMP certifications. This expansion serves as a testament to the trust and success accrued from client engagements since the initial GMP certification.

Enhanced Capabilities for a Demanding Market
In addition to all types of chromatography and mass spectrometry, the facility now houses a microbiology laboratory, a heavy-metals testing space, and additional capacity for stability studies and chemical analyses.

A Modern Solution Driving Value in Drug Development
"QNTM Labs isn't just a service; it's a solution," says CEO Justin Ihnken. "We're pushing against the issues of outsourced pharma lab testing, moving beyond the transactional, to become an integrated partner in drug development. Our aim is to be so seamless that our clients' only regret is not finding us sooner."

Building on Proven Collaborations
The Company's focus on operational excellence has led to close collaborations with industry leaders like Mettler Toledo and Agilent Technologies, and garnered endorsement from stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the private equity ecosystem.

Cornelius Merlini, Managing Partner at Intrinsic Capital Partners, reflects, "QNTM Labs' expanded EU-GMP certifications showcase their unwavering commitment to quality and compliance. Initially started on a modest scale to gauge demand, QNTM has since grown, addressing the market's evident need for reliable partners in the contract lab services domain."

Full Focus on Client Needs
COO and co-founder Connor Murphy notes, "Our approach is to integrate the laboratory closely with our client's development and production processes and their team – facilitating a deeper understanding of our customers' needs, enabling us to deliver a quality data strategy on top of robust results and expedited turnaround times."

Forward Momentum
With this expansion, QNTM Labs is better positioned to address the evolving analytical requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, both within Denmark and across the broader European market.

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About QNTM Labs
QNTM Labs is a forward-thinking contract laboratory dedicated to providing advanced analytical testing, research, and development to pharmaceutical customers. With state-of-the-art technologies, a commitment to excellence, and a visionary approach to outsourced lab testing, QNTM Labs is poised to set new benchmarks in quality and reliability.


Source: QNTM Labs

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