News | May 9, 2024

Prometheus Laboratories Announces New Health Plan Agreements To Provide Precision-Guided Testing Services

Prometheus Laboratories Inc. ("Prometheus"), a leader in precision medicine for immune-mediated diseases, announced the execution of provider agreements with three large regional health plans to facilitate access to PredictrPK, precision-guided biologic testing, and other Prometheus testing services to the participating health plans and their respective members. These agreements make Prometheus testing services available within these three large regional health plans, representing five million members.

The cost of biologics for immune-mediated diseases exceeds $70B annually in the US1, yet up to two-thirds of patients fail therapy, largely due to unoptimized dosing.2 PredictrPK is a clinically useful and cost-effective tool to help optimize biologic treatment and prevent unnecessary patient suffering, flares, surgeries, and hospitalizations.3,4

"Precision-guided biologic dosing to assess the right dose and right interval for each individual patient offers significant potential to reduce overall cost of care and waste related to failed biologic therapy," commented Patricia Vasquez, Senior Vice President, Commercial and Corporate Development for Prometheus. "We are pleased to collaborate with forward-thinking health plans to advance value-driven care through access to PredictrPK and other Prometheus testing."


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PredictrPK combines serology markers, patient- and disease-specific variables, current dosing, and a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to support optimized biologic therapy for each individual patient with predicted concentrations at alternate doses and therapy intervals. PredictrPK also provides measured drugs levels and antibodies using a proprietary drug-tolerant homogeneous mobility shift assay (HMSA) technology. For more information, please visit

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Prometheus Laboratories is a leading specialty clinical laboratory which improves the healthcare journey for individuals with immune-mediated and gastrointestinal diseases by empowering providers to diagnose, treat and help get their patients into remission faster with precision-guided care.

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