Process Automation Seminars and Workshops

Source: Festo Corporation

Further training, with the objective of supporting people in companies to deal with current as well as future problems and provide them with new answers – that is the purpose of FestoDidactic.

Festo is developing itself to become an important partner to the process industry. The close coordination with our parent company, Festo AG & Co. KG, ensures that state-of-the-art devices and systems are used in our learning systems. And our trainers have first-hand expert knowledge.

Our orientation and methods set us apart. Our trainers and consultants are practicians. They are familiar with the tasks of their participants, even those that go beyond technical requirements.

We have high standards. In our courses you will realise the difference between us and other providers: we provide new answers to old questions – answers that help you get that critical step ahead with your operational plans.

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Valves and fittings – Process control valves
This course provides detailed insights into valve and fitting technology and shows how they are used in the process industry. Participants gain basic knowledge of the individual valve and fitting types and components. In addition, selecting materials and operating conditions/limitations are described in detail. The various types of actuators are also explained with regard to the individual fitting and valve types and all relevant standards are discussed.

Basic principles and mode of operation of industrial measuring technology and instrumentation
This course provides detailed and sound insights into process engineering. The various measuring types, as well as the different principles, such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and filling level control are treated in detail. Furthermore, control engineering is taught in-depth based on P, I and PID controllers, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Closed-loop control circuits
Participants gain detailed and sound insights into process control technology based on P, I and PID controllers and their advantages and disadvantages. Practical exercises with the PA EduKit and the FluidLab®-PA software ensure that the knowledge acquired is transferred into practice.

Specific customer training, e.g. the basic principles of control engineering
Customised training for employees from the areas of maintenance, service and operational support. With the professional training equipment from Festo Didactic, the following course topics are covered by the training systems on the basis of "learning by doing":

  • Cross section of all controller types
    (P, I, D, PI, PD, PID)
  • Control technologies
    (FluidLab®-PA and modern PLCs)

Do you need anything else?
Workshop with more complex tasks for practical operational support and maintenance. For example:

  • Exchange and new use of sensors and their integration in a controlled system
  • Troubleshooting with control characteristic diagnostics
  • Controlled system with reaction time
    (on request)