News | December 13, 2022

Poplin Partnership With Getlabs Upends Traditional Barriers To Pre-Pregnancy Wellness Testing For Couples

  • In-home diagnostics collection removes access barriers to pre-pregnancy wellness testing and care, traditionally limited to fertility clinics in large metro areas
  • Convenience of diagnostics collection at home allows couples to test together, increasing intimacy and reducing intimidation associated with fertility testing
  • In-home diagnostics collection provide an unparalleled amount of test information versus mail in testing kits, an important early on differentiator in helping couples get pregnant

Miami, FL and New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Getlabs, the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostic collections, and Poplin, the first pre-pregnancy wellness company for couples, today announced a partnership that will bring in-home lab testing for pre-pregnancy wellness to couples looking to prepare for conception. Bringing a couple together for testing increases intimacy and a stronger bond, while in-home testing provides access and a comfortable environment for testing, providing an alternative to the traditional lab setting.

Poplin offers a first-of-its-kind pre-pregnancy wellness testing platform to allow couples to be empowered and deliberate about their family planning. Pre-pregnancy wellness, defined as the state of health prior to getting pregnant (usually 1 year beforehand), can influence fertility and health of both the future pregnancy and baby. Pre-pregnancy wellness testing gives individuals and couples the information they need to improve their health before becoming pregnant.

In-home diagnostics collection by Getlabs challenges the standard of care in preconception, providing accessible testing that doesn't rely on fertility clinics, which are generally located near major metro centers. Poplin's partnership with Getlabs will allow for a full array of testing that is critical to developing a proper preconception plan, including blood type and status, immune status, hormone status, metabolic status, and nutrient status.

Pre-pregnancy wellness tests are recommended for couples before they try to become pregnant. While fertility tests are only recommended if you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, pre-pregnancy wellness tests can be taken several years before you want to conceive to ensure your body is healthy and ready for pregnancy whenever you decide it's time.

"The pre-pregnancy journey for families is a time of high anticipation, excitement, and some anxiety. Testing is a cornerstone of this journey," said Alexandria DeVito, Founder and CEO, Poplin. "It is necessary to increase accessibility, convenience, and, most importantly, intimacy to the testing process for our couples. Our partnership with Getlabs allows us to achieve more comprehensive results and ultimately set the stage for healthier outcomes in babies."

Each customer is taken through their customized pre-pregnancy roadmap, starting with lab testing. In-home diagnostics collection conducted by Getlabs will be delivered to local labs in Poplin's network. Results are provided in easy-to-understand language, and a one-on-one education call with a pre-pregnancy expert will help guide couples on their journey to conception.

"Preconception care is crucial for family planning, but unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to plan for conception due to accessibility," said Kyle Michelson, Founder and CEO, Getlabs. "Getlabs is honored to partner with Poplin to eliminate some of the barriers to preconception care. We look forward to delivering the comfort and privacy of at-home diagnostic collections to couples embarking on the next phase of their lives."

About Getlabs
Getlabs is the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostic collections. Patients can book a certified phlebotomist to draw their labs at their home or office. Healthcare organizations and providers can dispatch Getlabs' medical specialists to their patients and collect labs, vitals, biometrics, and more. By partnering with Getlabs, providers can improve adherence and make informed medical decisions remotely.

About Poplin
Poplin is the first pre-pregnancy wellness company for couples. We help couples *get ready* to get pregnant, starting with the most comprehensive pre-pregnancy wellness diagnostic test on the market. We measure an individual's health, not just their hormones. Poplin is on a mission to empower conceiving couples with the most actionable information possible to optimize their own health and the health of their future family.

Source: Getlabs

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