PITTCON 2001: Scientific Data Management Gains Momentum

Source: NuGenesis Technologies
First launched in January of 1999, SDMS is fast becoming the standard for electronic data management
Unlocking the Proprietary Data Handcuffs

First launched in January of 1999, SDMS is fast becoming the standard for electronic data management. With an increasing number of scientists relying on the software to handle millions of data transactions, SDMS has emerged as the choice for secure, reliable data management. All twenty-five of the leading pharmaceutical companies use SDMS, including Pfizer, Schering Plough and Merck.

With the introduction of Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) 5.0, a web-enabled version of its proven technology for the management of electronic laboratory data, the entire scientific enterprise benefits from improved access to electronic data. Scientists will be able to use SDMS to view, share and reuse data within the laboratory, or across the Globe.

SDMS 5.0 delivers on the promise of the networked lab, by adding Web functionality to the product, scientific data will be accessible throughout the enterprise, facilitating the timely development and deployment of new drugs. For example, scientists will be able to search for compounds by name and have the collective results from the enterprise delivered to their desktop."

SDMS 5.0 is designed with enterprise scalability in mind. Data stored within an Oracle database can be searched using a standard Internet browser, making data in projects and reports readily accessible from any location in the world. Access to the NuGenesis SDMS is secure, controlled by a sophisticated privilege grid. This real-time availability of data provides a key advantage by allowing for faster and more reliable decisions during the drug development process.

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