PIPETBOY acu 2 - Lighter, Faster, the Most Popular Pipettor Just Got Better

Source: INTEGRA Biosciences

The PIPETBOY acu pipettor is used with serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 ml for applications requiring precise liquid handling.


With over four decades of liquid handling experience and hundreds of thousands of instruments in use worldwide, INTEGRA pipette controllers have become the reference for precise and efficient serological pipetting.

The second generation of PIPETBOY acu is due to the latest technology lighter, faster and provides a longer operating time than its illustrious predecessor. These changes help limit your work time and offer you an improved ergonomic pipetting experience, the main benefits of PIPETBOY acu were preserved: the unmatched pipetting precision, the colorful look and the well balanced weight. Overall we are convinced that we just made the world’s most popular pipettor even better!

PIPETBOY acu 2 is designed for use with all commercially available serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 ml and is protected by a sterile filter.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight and well-balanced, making even prolonged pipetting very comfortable.
  • Quiet and strong pump for high pipetting speed.
  • Precise finger-control of pipetting enables accurate dispensing, even drop-by-drop.
  • Latest Lithium-Polymer technology for long operating time.
  • Autoclavable pipette holder module for highest cleanness and safety.
  • Six colors to choose from according to lab organization.
  • 3 year extended warranty and free Swiss pocket tool.