Pharmaceutical Trayloader, TL-200

Source: ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products

The TL-200 has two loading platforms (the TL-100 has one), so that two trays are loaded simultaneously. Once the trays are full, the operator replaces one of the loaded trays with an empty one and the machine immediately resumes loading that tray. The operator then replaces the other loaded tray with an empty one. When in place, the machine will resume loading both trays. The process is seamless; there is no additional work to be done or buttons to be depressed by the operator. Once a tray is full, the loading process stops and a yellow light and audible signal indicate that the tray can be replaced.

The TL-100/TL-200 can be ordered in the standard left to right execution or in the right to left execution (without additional cost). Multiple tray sizes can be handled by the machine through (fixed and adjustable) change parts as well as different tray materials. Glass and plastic containers can be processed from 1-500ml. Containers are automatically loaded in a nested (honeycomb) pattern via a servomotor controlled nesting actuator.