News | July 3, 2019

Optimize Distillation With Ai Vacuum's New Short Path Head And Summit Research's Fraction Finder

Short path distillation is difficult, even for the most seasoned pros. A Fraction Finder can help. But you can't use it without the right head to accommodate it. That's where Ai Vacuum's new 5-liter distillation head comes in. This head is up to 75% more efficient than it's predecessor. It offers a higher ultimate vacuum, picks up material more quickly, and provides a faster flow.

Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) - With the rise of vaping and edibles, distillate had never been more in demand. As a result, masses of processors are taking up short path distillation. But novices and experts alike quickly realize the process is complex. For the beginner, it can be downright intimidating. It’s difficult to figure out the different boiling points and where components start and stop flowing. This can even vary from batch-to-batch depending on what pre-processing was done beforehand, making the process even more complicated. In order to optimize separation, it is strongly recommended to use a tool specifically designed to guide the molecular distillation process--a Fraction Finder. This takes the guesswork out of short path distillation, making the process both precise and repeatable.

To accommodate this device, Ai Vacuum has just released a redesigned 5-liter short path distillation head with vacuum jacket insulation. This brand-new iteration offers lots of benefits. Besides extra room to accommodate the Fraction Finder, it’s made of heavy wall glass, making it extremely durable. The type of glass it’s comprised of is high borosilicate 3.3, among the most heat, cold, and corrosion resistant around.

The head has a larger vacuum jacket, which means less heat loss during distillation. A wider internal diameter means it provides exceptionally efficient fractioning and vapor condensation, with a minimal chance of clogging. What’s more, finely ground joints offer a higher ultimate vacuum level than could otherwise be achieved. In fact, this head is up to 75% more efficient than its predecessor.

This all new, 5-liter head comes with a wider 34/45 port for the boiling flask, which allows for a quicker pickup of material and a faster flow. It will also introduce uniformity. Rather than all different sizes, this one head will be compatible across all of Ai’s short path distillation systems. Using a Fraction Finder allows you to know exactly where you are in the distillation process. This helps you to make better decisions when setting or adjusting parameters. As a result, you’ll turn out beautiful, clear, golden distillate every time you use it. It can even help you increase potency with each pass.

While trained scientists with lots of experience may have a good grasp on the process, many in the field today could use an extra hand, or a tool to help them bring their game to the next level. The Arometrix Summit Fraction Finder is that tool. You can rely on it to help you turn out optimal results with each run. All this innovation is brought to you by Ai Vacuum, Summit Research, and Arometrix. But who is Ai Vacuum?

Ai Vacuum specializes in botanical refinement equipment. Ai Vacuum is a subsidiary of Across International, an industry leader in the manufacturing of heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment. Its mission is to empower those advancing science by offering high-quality equipment, along with the best customer support.


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