News | March 16, 2005

New Compact Flow Cytometry System Delivers Flexible, Economic Solution For Distributed Laboratories

Beckman Coulter introduces Cell Lab Quanta™, a new flow cytometry solution for affordable cellular analysis in research and drug discovery applications. Quanta combines Coulter volume measurement with two-colour fluorescence capabilities for accurate, multiparameter cell counting and sizing. Quanta's multiple excitation wavelengths, including UV, allow flexible fluorochrome selection for a variety of multicolour analyses. The Coulter volume measurement, combined with dual excitation light sources, enable the Quanta to accurately count and size cells for basic and advanced analyses. The Quanta is well suited for applications such as viability, apoptosis, cell cycle and protein expression. The system's affordability and small footprint make it ideal for distributed testing in non-core labs. Quanta is part of Beckman Coulter's Cell Lab family of integrated cellular analysis solutions.

"With Quanta, we can provide a package that enables individual researchers to obtain their results faster and more economically by alleviating the necessity for centralized testing of simple assays in core facilities," explained Brendan Yee, Strategic Business Manager for Beckman Coulter. "The system delivers a range of capabilities that is typically only available with larger, more expensive systems."

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