Modular Production System – Combining Stations

Source: Festo Corporation

A new interface concept that offers many possibilities for direct combination of individual stations.

Various aspects determine the decision as to which combination is required:

  • Training aims
  • Supplementation of existing stations
  • Budget

The complete systems MPS® 200 section gives an overview of the most popular combinations.

Combination using a conveyor

The conveyor enables all MPS® stations to be interconnected. The conveyor is simply mounted between two stations as the linking element. This facilitates the set-up of customised training arrangements.

MPS® stations can be combined as follows: 

Possible direct downstream stations

  • Distributing – separating – processing – robot – assembly – storing
  • Pick&place – fluidic muscle press – sorting
  • Distributing – conveyor – sorting  

* The Punching station can be used to upgrade the Robot station.

** The Separating station can be combined with two downstream stations placed at right angles.