Video Microscope XSZ-107CCD

Source: Chemat Technology, Inc.
Video Microscope XSZ-107CCD
Chemat's en Lab Products include equipment and instruments
  • Fully coated optical system, mechanical tube length160mm.
  • 45mm achromatic objectives, parfocal
  • Single layer mechanical stage: Stage size 124 x 153mm,
  • Moving range 70 x 50mm
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment
  • Focusing stop to prevent objective & slides from damaging
  • Rack and pinion adjustment for condenser
  • Built-in illumination, adjustable brightness
Chemat's en Lab Products include equipment and instruments. All of the products are designed to be economical and easy to use. The products are designed to make your research and development laboratories more efficient and effective.

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