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Manzo Pharmaceuticals Starts Laboratory Testing Of Its Lactose Intolerance Probiotic Treatment

Milford, PA /PRNewswire/ - Fortune Oil & Gas, Inc. (OTCPink: FOGC), today announced that the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Manzo Pharmaceuticals has begun a series of laboratory testing for its patented probiotic formula, Lacto-Freedom™. Lacto-Freedom™ is designed to stop the symptoms of lactose intolerance for up to several months after taking it for just a short time. The company started a six month long study with different dosages of the probiotic to find the optimum amount needed to achieve the desired effect.  The safety of the product will also be confirmed over the course of this study and will prepare the product for human clinical trials. A stability test may also be performed to determine the best way to store the product and which dosage form is best (liquid, capsule, freeze dried powder, or pre-mixed in food) this study will bring Manzo Pharmaceuticals one-step closer to making this unique treatment available to the people who need it.

The Lacto-Freedom™ testing started on June 9th, and is being implemented by Celprogen®, Inc., a California based research facility specializing in drug studies and clinical trials such as this. Celprogen® has been conducting in-vitro and in-vivo biomedical research for over ten years. As a result, they are the perfect partners to implement these studies.

The company's CEO, Kenneth Manzo, has been working on a Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic for over 10 years, and has high hopes for what he believes will completely change the lives of people who suffer with this condition. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products. Currently, patients with lactose intolerance are limited to avoiding lactose-containing foods or taking lactase supplements before each meal.  Both options are difficult, time-consuming, embarrassing, and a nuisance. A person may not even be aware that their meal contains lactose, causing uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms. This solution is expected to make those problems a thing of the past, and with one-in-four people suffering from lactose intolerance, there is a strong need for a treatment that works well and works all the time.

Mr. Manzo is extremely confident that this solution will be the first of many groundbreaking remedies, solutions, and cures to be developed, and brought to market by the company. There is no doubt that Manzo Pharmaceuticals is positioning itself to be the most exciting new pharmaceuticals company in the industry today.

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Fortune Oil & Gas, Inc. owns and operates Manzo Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, and testing of patented and non-patented solutions and remedies. Most notably is Lacto-Freedom™, a patented solution for lactose Intolerance, and a natural remedy for colic in babies. For more information follow the company on twitter at @manzopharma, and visit

About Celprogen®, Inc. 
Celprogen®, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing stem cell research and therapeutic products for regenerative medicine in cardiology, oncology, diabetes & neurology. All of Cellprogen's biological products including stem cells, cancer stem cells, IPC's & media including ECM's are manufactured and produced in the United States. Cellprogen® provides novel molecular diagnostics and therapeutic products development solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, Invitro diagnostics and academic partnership for drug discovery. For more information visit:

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