Long Path Gas Cells

Source: REFLEXAnalytical Corporation
Long Path Gas Cells
This is our popular variable pathlength 0.6 - 7.2 meter
This is our popular variable pathlength 0.6 - 7.2 meter long path gas cell. It incorporates a 2.5" i.d. glass bodied cell with gold mirrors and offers a volume of 0.5 liters.

This assembly, as does the majority of our gas cells, incorporates a three mirror design. The result is an incremental four pass multiple reflection system. The radiation from the source is focused in the entrance aperture, the diverging beam passes to the first objective mirror which then focuses an image on the field mirror. The field mirror returns the beam to a second objective mirror that then directs the beam either out of the cell (4 passes) or back to the field mirror for extended pathlengths. The variable pathlength series offers an external pathlength set knob which allows the cell's pathlength to be adjusted. The pathlength dial provides a direct and accurate reading. All cells feature corrosion resistant aluminum frames, three folding mirrors, KCl transmission windows, high throughput transfer optics, and two connecting vacuum valves as standard. Other transmission window materials are available upon request. For gases which are incompatible with borosilicate glass or for high pressure gas analysis up to 300psi, metal bodied cells can be provided. The metal bodied cells are fabricated from either stainless steel or aluminum which can be anodized, teflon coated or nickel plated. A series of heated long path cells is also available for maximum temperature control up to 250C. For cell alignment and visual verification of pathlength, a laser device is an optional component that can be integrated with most variable pathlength cells offered by REFLEX Analytical. The laser is installed within a two-axis mount and affixed on the input side of the cell. As the laser beam folds itself within the cell, the number of red spots appearing on the field mirror is indicative of the number of passes. The number of passes can then be translated to pathlength. A simple and convenient means to align, calibrate and verify long path gas cell performance. Optional gas reference spectra and quantitative software packages are available. See spectral libraries for more information.

REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of gas cells. A series of over 20 fixed and variable pathlength cells configured as standard heated or non-heated assemblies. Request a catalog for a complete listing. Inquire with regard to custom requirements.

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