News | July 19, 2023

LiVeritas Biosciences Introduces The LiLii™ Platform - An Integrated Laboratory Ecosystem Powered By AI

Groundbreaking Offering Unifies Lab Best Practices, Analytical Operations, Project Management and Communications for Drug Developers

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc. today announced beta testing of their LiLii™ platform, a next-generation, fully integrated laboratory ecosystem that uses proprietary LiVeritas® AI (artificial intelligence) to simplify workflows, reduce inefficiencies, and streamline productivity for drug developers at all phases of development.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for analytical laboratory operations and project management, LiLii™ analytical tools, combined with an AI biopharma knowledge base, empower drug developers of all sizes with streamlined data processing, analysis, and reporting through a single seamless, intuitive interface. The LiLii platform eliminates the need for multiple software packages while promising to dramatically increase the speed of drug development through faster generation of superior quality data and analytics.

On the operations side, the LiLii platform unifies project management, CRM (customer relationship management), document management and communications capabilities. Translation of sample information to scientifically useful information is instantaneous, sharply reducing time required for project initiation and setup while minimizing risk of errors that can occur when manually onboarding client and lab-generated information.

Using the LiLii platform, drug developers can process sample data at least 15x faster with improved data integrity than conventional, manual methods that rely on fragmented tools and siloed workflows, resulting in more cost-efficient outcomes with lower risk.

"Instead of clients communicating with LiVeritas through multiple separate channels, the LiLii platform centralizes communications under a single point of digital interaction," said Dr. Nina Cortina, Co-Founder and VP Technology Development at LiVeritas. "Our platform serves as an information aggregator, ensuring information is consistent between the client and LiVeritas with complete transparency and traceability, enabling our team to carry out analytical services more rapidly, efficiently, and optimally effective."

In addition to its capability to enhance internal testing operations for biopharma, the LiLii platform can be integrated in any analytical testing laboratory regardless of industry. Its AI capabilities elevate end-users' analytical skill sets that are in high demand but in increasingly short supply.

"The LiLii platform is the realization of a holistic vision developed while I led mass spectrometry and analytical development functions in biopharma. Instead of fragmented tools of the past, I needed optimized, automated workflows to serve the urgent needs of various drug development functions," said Lieza Danan, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of LiVeritas Biosciences. "Our founding team has complimentary backgrounds in chemistry, computer engineering, and 100+ years of analytical testing experience. Together, we have created a scalable, tech-enabled platform that provides end-users with the power to rapidly generate consistent, superior quality data for actionable insights that will unlock value in Biopharma Industry 4.0 and beyond."

The LiLii platform's architecture is modular and expandable. This modular approach conveniently enables interfacing of the LiLii platform to an existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to directly support a business's strategy.

Beta Testing Invitation
If you are interested in speeding up biopharma analytical workflows by at least 15x, contact us at to learn more.

About LiVeritas Biosciences
LiVeritas Biosciences is a digital-focused analytical testing company dedicated to empowering its clients to meet accelerated timelines via rapid and strategic implementation of transformative new technologies. Founded in 2020 for Industry 4.0, LiVeritas offers state-of-the-art LC-MS instrumentation and a broad suite of advanced analytical solutions. LiVeritas created the LiLii platform, enabling drug developers to integrate mass spec data in pre-clinical and clinical testing for new therapeutics targeting human diseases. To learn more about LiVeritas Biosciences, visit

Source: LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc.

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