LABWORKS Laboratory Information Management System

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LABWORKS Laboratory Information Management System
LABWORKS has been a leader in the LIMS industry for over 14 years. We've pioneered new applications, improved laboratory productivity and revolutionized the way LIMS are developed

Sample Login (Single and Multiple)
LABWORKS Sample Login is flexible and easy-to-use. Both single and multi-sample login are completely user definable. During the login process, users are able to select samples, add and delete tests, comments, sample or project specific fields. Customized barcode labels, receipts and worksheets may be printed as desired. Further customization is accomplished using links to multiple user generated programs………*

Results Entry
LABWORKS allows you both single and multiple results entry. Technicians can input results manually or through the powerful instrument interfacing option. Results are entered quickly and easily with a minimum of transcription errors. Sample comments, SOPs, Analysis comments, violations, etc. are all available……*

Custody Tracking
This program tracks containers submitted to the lab. The program will run post login and allow bottles to be assigned to samples, assign an initial location of the sample containers and provide sample labels for each container…….*

Excel Calculations
This component provides a link between LABWORKS results entry and Excel to perform complex calculations. It is best used when standard LABWORKS calculations can not be used……*

QA Batching
LABWORKS offers flexible QA Batching to meet both simple and demanding QA/QC requirements. Batches can easily be created to assure data quality. Batch by test, group or project …….*

Project Analyte Management (PAM)
This program provides project specific reporting levels. Analytes are selected and unique reporting limits are applied. At login, the Project Code is linked with the PAM that applies to the sample……..*

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