News | April 21, 1999

Lab Connections Co-Sponsors Seminar Series on Analysis of Natural, Synthetic Polymers

Lab Connections (Marlborough, MA), a Mocon (Minneapolis) company, is co-sponsoring a seminar series on advanced techniques for the analysis of natural and synthetic polymers in the industrial, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries. The advantages of coupling chromatography with mass spectrometry for the identification of composition and structure are also being discussed.

"A variety of chromatography-detector options are available to the chemist today, each offering excellent sensitivity and providing information about identity, the presence of a material, and/or the molecular weight of the sample," said Dr. James Willis, vice president of Lab Connections. "Lab Connection's portion of the seminar will emphasize the industrial application of chromatography coupled with spectroscopy."

The first series, on the East Coast, is currently in progress; a West Coast series will take place May 4–7. The seminar series is free, but registration is required. To register, call Sandra Hall at 800-375-5966, ext. 132.

Mocon is a provider of systems and services designed to assess materials and processes.

Lab Connections is a specialty analytical instrument and software company focused on laboratory measurements of commercial importance.

For more information, call Lab Connections at 508-480-9777.