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Keystone Lab Announces Addition Of Tianeptine To Testing Menu

Asheville, NC /PRNewswire/ -  Keystone Lab, a dual-CAP accredited and CLIA certified lab based in Asheville, NC, has officially added tianeptine to its in-house urine clinical toxicology menu. Keystone provides clinical and forensic toxicology testing services throughout the southeastern U.S. and is one of few labs in the southeast to offer testing for tianeptine.

Tianeptine is an atypical tricyclic antidepressant often used for addressing anxiety and irritable bowel disease. It is not approved for any use by the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Tianeptine is often described as "gas-station dope" and products containing tianeptine commonly use the street names of "ZaZa" or "Tianna". The FDA recently warned consumers to avoid purchasing or using any Neptune's Fix products, which is illegally sold with claims to improve brain function and treat anxiety, depression, pain, opioid use disorder and other conditions.

In addition to tianeptine and its metabolite, tianeptine metabolite MC5, Keystone has also added clozapine, N-desmethylclozapine, aripiprazole, aripiprazole metabolite OPC-3373, modafinil, diphenhydramine, loperamide, and 7OH-mitragynine to its in-house menu.

"The ease of obtaining products with tianeptine, combined with effects of harm, overdosing, and death has been a major obstacle for many of our addiction clinic and recovery center clients throughout North Carolina", said Dr. James Bourland, Scientific Director of Keystone Lab. "By adding tianeptine testing in-house, Keystone is able to listen to its clients and provide the best service possible to their patients."

If testing for tianeptine is a priority for your business, please contact Keystone Lab at 800-230-2991, or contact us directly on our website.


About Keystone Lab:
Keystone Lab is a dual CAP-accredited and CLIA certified lab providing clinical and forensic toxicology testing services for more than 35 years. Keystone has developed an innovative platform of services to ensure the success and growth of organizations throughout the United States. For more information about Keystone Lab,

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