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4 Key Dynamics Driving Effective Outsourcing Decision‐Making For Lab Automation OEMs

Source: Festo Corporation
Effective Outsourcing Decision‐Making for Lab Automation OEMs

Laboratory automation equipment makers need to stay flexible in their outsourcing strategies because their make‐versus‐buy decision drivers can change over time — a good reason to conduct periodic reviews to validate the continued relevance of their outsourcing decisions.

Key consideration behind effective outsourcing decisions: “Know Thyself”

Probably the most famous of the many ancient Greek maxims handed down by the god Apollo is the one carved into the Temple of Delphi more than 2,500 years ago: “Know Thyself.” That’s good advice for today’s OEMs — especially those specializing in lab automation equipment, lab diagnostic equipment, and medical devices — when they’re making critically strategic decisions about how much and what types of work they should outsource to reputable partners.