Industrial Automation Air Flow Sensors

Source: Festo Corporation

By monitoring the flow, a simplified diagnostic and condition monitoring process can be implemented: A change in the flow rate is often an indication that problems are likely to occur. The quality of end products can also be monitored.

Air flow sensor SFAM

Our modular air flow sensor SFAM is easy to integrate into service units. It continuously delivers absolute flow rate information and acquires cumulative values based on air consumption measurement.

  • Stand-alone device or combined with MS series air preparation units
  • Supplies absolute flow information and accumulated air consumption measurements
  • Covers large measuring range with great precision thanks to high dynamic response
  • Large, illuminated LCD display

Flow sensor SFAB

Impressive, simple, reliable: the flow sensors SFAB with attractive indication and

  • Air flow sensor with integrated digital display
  • With unidirectional flow input
  • Mounting: H-rail mounting, wall or surface mounting
  • Certification: C-Tick


Flow sensor SFAW

Simple monitoring of liquid media: the flow sensor SFAW measures the flow rate, consumption, and temperature of liquid media. Its simple control and easily readable display make the SFAW highly reliable.

  • Cooling circuit monitoring, leakage, or line break monitoring, process water monitoring, fill level monitoring
  • Input connection: clamped terminal connection DN15, DN20, barbed hose fitting 13 mm, internal thread G1/2, G3/4, G1, user-specific connection
  • With optional integrated temperature sensor
  • Connection to higher-level systems is provided by two switching outputs, an analog output and/or an IO-Link® interface
  • Certification: RCM, c UL us Listed (OL)
  • Rotatable display, 90° anticlockwise and 180° clockwise

Flow transmitter SFTE

The SFTE flow transmitter is perfect for monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases. To record the flow rate, the non-linearized sensor signal is output as an analog voltage signal.

  • Compact design
  • Universal flow detection
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable pick & place application for extremely small workpieces

Flow sensor SFET

Enticingly compact: the miniaturized flow transmitter SFET with optional external display ensures shorter cycle times due to reliable support control—and is installed quickly by means of integrated QS fittings.

  • With unidirectional (SFET-F) or bidirectional (SFET-R) flow input
  • Mounting: via through-holes or mounting bracket
  • Electrical connection via open cable end
  • Cable length 1 m, 3 m
  • Certification: C-Tick

Flow sensor SFAH

The highly flexible SFAH monitors the flow rate of compressed air and non-corrosive gases. Many industry sectors will appreciate the flexibility it offers in terms of its compact design (20 x 58 mm), numerous installation options, and space-saving adjustable QS elbow connections.

  • Process, compressed air, forming gas and pneumatic object monitoring, parts handling of ultra-small parts, leak test
  • Compact design 20x58 mm
  • Clear 2-line display
  • Mounting: H-rail mounting, wall or surface mounting, front panel mounting
  • Serial communication integrated using IO-Link® 1.1